Quick Update

Although I haven’t been writing about my running (or running a whole lot in general), I’ve been thinking a lot about my running.

Quick note about why I haven’t been running. Two weeks after the Mercer Island Half, I ran the Honeywagon Half Marathon and finished with a two-minute PR. I was super excited to finally make some progress and felt optimistic about tackling a fall marathon.

Honeywagon Half Marathon

Unfortunately, shortly after the race, I got super busy at work. I worked long days, and I wasn’t willing to sacrifice sleep for running. Also, at the end of a 12-hour day, the last thing I wanted to do was run. So I didn’t. On the weekends, I was tired and had commitments/things that took a lot of time (like buying a new car – yay!). I also got sick (I was sick on my 30th birthday – boo!), so that didn’t help. For about two months, my weekly mileage fell from 25 miles/week to about 6/week. Not exaggerating.

Which brings me to today, technically the second week of training for the Tunnel Lite Marathon. I feel out of shape, which isn’t awesome when I’m embarking on a new training cycle. Running a decent marathon in 15 weeks seems pretty impossible.

So should I quit?

A big part of me for the last month has said: Yes, Megan, quit. You can’t run a good marathon so what’s the point. 

What’s the point? That’s a question I’ve been asking myself for months, even when my running was going well. When you look at it rationally, marathon training seems pretty silly.

Well, here’s the point: It’s good for me to do hard things. And it’s also good for me to follow through and not quit even though I know I can’t be perfect. There are other points, of course, but these are the key ones for me right now.

In my decision to not quit, I’ve also thought a lot about how I want to train for this marathon. I’m pretty excited about how I’m approaching this training cycle, but I’ll save those rambling for another post.

Have a great weekend!


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