Mercer Island Half Marathon and What’s Next

Two weeks ago I ran my first half marathon of the year. My “A” goal for the race was a sub 1:55 finish, but given my lack of hill training and the hilly course, my main goal was to finish sub 2. My last half was the disaster Snohomish Half (2:15) and I hadn’t finished a half marathon sub 2 in a year and half, so I really wanted to finish with a 1 on the clock.

Mission accomplished!

Mercer Island Half MarathonGoing into the race, I felt relatively confident with my training (aside from my lack of hill work). Since CIM, I’ve been running five times a week, about 25-30 miles a week. Most of my runs have been at an easy/comfortable pace, but I have thrown in some tempo runs and a little speed work.

The race raises money for colon cancer. Hence, this giant colon at the expo. Super weird.

The race raises money for colon cancer. Hence, this giant colon at the expo. Super weird.

The first eight miles were relatively uneventful. Around mile 8, I started feeling a little tired and by mile 10, my legs were toast.

Christina and I walked through the aid station around mile 10.5 so I could grab water to wash down my GU. As I drank my water, Christina told me that she felt pretty good. I told her I felt like crap and that she could run ahead.

Running solo, I focused on getting to the finish line. There were many times I felt like I was moving at a glacial pace and wanted to walk, but I told myself, keep moving forward. It doesn’t matter how fast I’m going, just keep moving forward.

That became my motto for the rest of the race. Eventually I made it to the finish line and was thrilled with my finish time and my even pacing. 1:55:50 is two minutes off from a PR and a solid start to my racing season.

What’s next?

For the first time in twoish years, I am genuinely excited about running and I’m itching to train for a marathon. There were several times this winter when I was tempted to sign up for a spring marathon, but I resisted. I realized that I wanted to sign up for a marathon because I was restless, not because I wanted to put the time and effort in to run a PR race.

To ease my restlessness, I took on a few household projects (re-decorating the entry-way, making my own kombucha, cooking and freezing delicious meals to eat when I don’t feel like cooking, etc.).

Oh, I forgot to mention earlier, but I also got a job and started the first week in January! I’m working at a small non-profit, and I really dig it. It’s definitely the best job I’ve ever had, and it’s keeping me pretty busy.

But, back to running. I’m not restless anymore: I’m ready to train. I’m ready to commit myself to a goal and do what it takes to achieve that goal.

Dad and I are considering running Light at the End of the Tunnel Lite, which is September 13. Registration opens April 15, so we have a little time to make a decision. More on that later!


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