Catching Up

Yes, I’m still alive. Last time we talked, I had signed up for the Mercer Island Half Marathon because I needed to light a fire under my ass and get running again. The good news is the fire trick worked: I’ve been running consistently for the last six weeks and things are starting to click. My stride is starting to feel less clunky. My muscles are working in harmony. My pace is starting to drop. And running has actually been pretty darn fun.

Here’s how base building has looked:

Week one: 3 runs, 12.9 miles
Week two: 4 runs, 18.2 miles
Week three: 4 runs, 17 miles
Week four: 3 runs, 14.1 miles
Week four: 5 runs, 15 miles
Week five: 4 runs, 21 miles
Week six: 5 runs, 25 miles

The not so good news is that although things in the running department are progressing nicely, I’ve decided to not run the half marathon, which is in two weeks. I’ve been super cautious and haven’t logged as many miles as I originally hoped (I’ve learned my lesson that too much too soon = shin splints and mental burnout), and I’m not even close to half marathon shape.

Sure, I’m physically capable of running a half, but the big lesson I learned last year is that just because I physically can do something doesn’t mean I should. Kinda like Fat Amy in my favorite movie Pitch Perfect.

tumblr_me2ipiBn581r4an4bo1_500I have another week and a half of easy running/base building and then I’ll start layering in tempo runs and speed work as I prepare for my first goal race of the year: the RNR Seattle Half.

In my next post, I’ll talk about my goals and changes I’m making to my training approach. Happy Wednesday!


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