What’s Next?

It’s been almost two months since CIM, and I’m finally crawling out of the post-marathon slump. I took more time off than I normally would to help my stupid shin splints heal, but the good news is that for the first time in months, I am running pain-free.

In the last two months, I’ve done a lot of yoga, not much running and very little cross training. I should have cross trained more to retain some of my fitness, but honestly I just didn’t care. Mentally and physically, I needed the lazy down-time.

Last week I decided I was ready to put an end to this off-season. So I registered for the Mercer Island Half Marathon, which is seven weeks from this Sunday.

I chose this race primarily due to timing. It is soon enough to light the much needed fire under my out-of-shape flabby ass, but far enough way to give me a little time to train so this isn’t a huge suffer-fest.

The day I registered (Thursday), I ran for the first time in two weeks. I only ran 3ish miles (I think my Garmin is finally dead, so I just used my stop watch) and was SORE the next day. I ran again Saturday and Sunday. Sunday I was able to run on the trails, and it felt lovely. It made me realize how much I’ve missed training and running, and for the first time since CIM, I felt like the old Megan. A less fit slower version of myself, but I’ll take it.

My main goal in the next two months is to do lots of easy runs and build a decent base so my body is ready to handle running for 2ish hours on March 23 (my main goal is just to finish, but I’d ideally like to be under 2:05).

I’m in strict base-building mode until April, which is when I’ll start sprinkling in speed work and focusing on getting faster in preparation for my first goal race of the year: the Seattle Rock N Roll Half. I really want to finish sub 1:50.

I don’t have anything on the schedule after this half, but I have some ideas brewing. And my ideas all revolve around PR’ing in the marathon. Dad and I are talking about doing the Light at the End of the Tunnel Lite in September, but we haven’t made any final decisions. Portland is also a possibility. Or I guess CIM, although I really don’t want to wait that long!

Last year I made a ton of mistakes with my training (I increased mileage and intensity simultaneously, which resulted in inconsistent training and shin splints). Even though I have lost fitness and have a long road ahead of me just to get where I was, I’m really excited to apply what I’ve learned and make 2014 my best year of running yet.


2 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. No matter where we run, no matter how fast or how slow, 2014 is going to be our best year yet. I fully intend to qualify for Boston this year. But, more importantly, I plan on appreciating this journey of discovery we are sharing. You can’t measure THAT in minutes and seconds.

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