A Few Updates

Man, I’ve been a blog slacker lately. I’ve started half a dozen blog posts, but then I get distracted, my ADD kicks in, and they end up in the trash bin. Like anything in life, once I fall out of the habit of blogging, it’s tough to get back in it.

To ease myself out of my blogging hiatus, here are a few random updates (both running and not running related):

1. I took last Friday off from work so I could get my second 20-mile run in. It was tough (I wanted to quit at mile 2), but I got it done.

20 mile long run hardMy only goal for this run was to get the miles in. Mission accomplished.

My legs were fatigued because I ran 18 spectacular (yes, spectacular) miles just five days prior. 18 miles at 9:16 avg pace, by far my best long run this training cycle (ever?). 18 mile long runI did my long run on Friday because we went to a wedding in Leavenworth on Saturday. It was a really fun day, but it wore me out.

2. Sriracha sauce makes everything better. Sriracha isn’t a new thing and I’ve had it in our refrigerator for a long time, but I’ve only recently started using it regularly. Whenever something tastes a little bland (this works particularly well in chili and soup), I give it a little Sriracha and it’s instantly 10x better. So amazing.

3. Training is pretty awesome right now. I’ve been in a funk for most of this training cycle, which I blame on Portland. I started the training cycle pretty aggressively as I tried to ramp up for a marathon in 8 weeks, but I later decided to bag Portland to focus on CIM. This left me both burnt out and pretty bummed. But now that Portland is behind me, I’m so pumped for CIM! Less than six weeks to go!

4. Dad and I are running a super small half marathon this Saturday. I’m not sure where my speed is and if sub 3:55 is even a realistic goal, so this will be a great check-in to see where we both are. As with any reality check, I’m nervous but also excited! If all goes well, we’ll finish 1:51ish.

5. Runner’s World Cookbook. So far I’ve made the multi grain pancakes, chicken stir fry with broccoli and green beans, black bean and red lentil stew, and kiwi spinach smoothie. The recipes call for basic ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry, and they’re quick-cooking, delicious and healthy! I highly recommend this cookbook for both runners and non runners.

This isn't the most appetizing photo, but I promise it was delicious!

This isn’t the most appetizing photo, but I promise it was delicious!

6. Two-week vs. three-week taper. I’ve been debating whether I want to do a traditional three-week taper or a shorter two-week taper. I did three weeks for Eugene and I think it’s just too long for me, so I’m gonna go with the two-week taper.

7. I’ve never had so many blisters in my entire life. Seriously. My feet are so nasty that John makes me sleep with socks on. I read that rubbing Vaseline or Body Glide on your feet before a run helps, so I’m gonna give that a shot.

Do you prefer a two-week or three-week taper? Any tips to avoid blisters? What did you do this weekend?


One thought on “A Few Updates

  1. “Training is pretty awesome right now.”
    Now there is a sentence I haven’t read before in your blog!
    I got a solid speed session in last night. And today I did a nice little short run. A medium tempo run is planned for tomorrow. I’m curious about our “reality check” this Saturday. And I am cautiously optimistic about CIM. This may be our quantum leap.
    Keep training with enthusiasm and writing all about it. I need the inspiration!

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