Training and Life Update, Part 1

Things have been quiet around here for good reason: I got hitched!

weddingAfter our year+ long engagement and five and half years together, we finally said I do. And it was pretty perfect. The days leading up to it, the day itself, and the days following it were a perfect, blissful whirlwind of laughter and happiness as we became Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph.

We were both overwhelmed with the love and support we received from our friends and family. Our extended families live out of state, and we were so appreciative that some of them made the trip to Seattle to watch us get married. My 80-year-old grandparents drove for 12 hours (with the help of my uncle) to be with us for just a few hours. People we didn’t even invite to the wedding (we only invited family) sent their support via texts, Facebook messages, cards and gifts.

It was totally overwhelming, but in a very good way. And it was a great reminder that the only thing that really matters is the people in our lives.

Now let’s talk about running. Since we had such a small and low-key wedding, I honestly didn’t think the wedding would affect my training. Well, I’m an idiot for thinking that.

The week before wedding week, my left shin was bothering me, and I had to bail on my tempo run because I didn’t want to run through the pain. That Saturday (one week before our wedding) I ran a trail half marathon and finished in 2:50. It was slow but completely pain-free (my shins love the soft dirt!). It was also really humid; I love a good sweat, but that was a bit much (see how drenched my shorts were). Also, what is wrong with my face?

World's WORST race photo??

World’s WORST race photo??

Evergreen trail runI’m not very good at trail running, and one thing I struggle with is running downhill. I was able to pass people running uphill, but I was passed a lot going downhill. As a result of my not so graceful downhill running, my quads were pretty beat up and sore for several days after the race.

This brings us to the week of our wedding. My quads hurt and my brain was preoccupied with wedding stuff, so my training plan went mostly un-run (only logged 15 miles). However, I did manage to squeeze in a 6-mile run with Dad the morning of the wedding.

After the wedding, John and I went to Leavenworth for a couple of days as a “mini moon.” We’re going to Maui in April for our honeymoon (we separated the wedding and honeymoon for budget and time off from work reasons), but it was fun to get away for a few days.

We stayed at our usual place in Leavenworth, the Bavarian Inn. If you ever go to Leavenworth, I highly recommend this hotel — it has cozy lodge decor, delicious free breakfast in the morning, and is right in town.

We spent most of our time relaxing and eating German sausages, strolling through the little shops and wine tasting. To burn off a few calories, we also went on a four-mile hike/walk at Icicle Gorge. It was gorgeous!

Leavenworth, WALeavenworth, WALeavenworth, WAMy official training began the Tuesday we returned from Leavenworth, and boy it was (and still kinda is) a struggle. More on that in Part 2 of my training update!


2 thoughts on “Training and Life Update, Part 1

  1. I love that wedding picture of you and John! You look so beautiful and he looks so handsome!!! The wedding was perfect—-just the way a wedding should be. It reflected who the two of you are and what your values are.

    I also enjoyed your running pictures! Your commitment and love of running amazes me (since walking seems like a good pace to me:):):)).

    Icicle Gorge does look beautiful!

    Love you,

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