It’s Race Week!

I’m running the Rock N Roll Half Marathon this Saturday, and despite labeling it as a “fun run,” I’m already a little nervous. Apparently I get taper crazies even when I’m not really tapering. Awesome.

Why so nervous?

This is my first of three half marathons this summer. Although it’s the least important of the three (my goal race is the Labor Day Half), it’s serving as a reality check of where I currently am with my fitness. Reality checks are always a little scary. Remember my not so fun reality checks last summer when I got two PWs in a row?

With the exception of the week following the Eugene Marathon, I’ve been running a decent amount the last six weeks (25ish miles a week), which should be enough to get me across the finish line. My runs have also been going well, but I still have no idea what to expect for the race, which I suppose is the scariest part.

Well, that, and this monster hill a little before mile 9. Oy.

Rock N Roll Seattle Half Marathon Elevation

One thing I’m working on right now is my mental game (since it was totally missing in Eugene). Running is an uncomfortable, painful sport. There’s no way around it if I want to become a faster runner, which means I need to learn to dig deep when sh*t gets ugly and uncomfortable. I need to learn to embrace the suck that is long distance running (fun sport, huh?).


So that’s my goal for Saturday: Embrace the suck and not give up when the run gets hard.

In addition to being nervous, I’m also excited for my friends who are running their first full marathons. I can’t wait to see them cross the finish line and become marathoners!

Good luck to everyone else running and racing this weekend!


4 thoughts on “It’s Race Week!

  1. Woooohoo! It’s suppose to be a nice day! I downgraded to the half because my training since Eugene has been minimal, eek. What corral are you in? I’m in 21…have fun and say hi if you see me- I’ll have a sparkly rainbow headband on 🙂

    • I also was originally registered for the full, but I switched down to the half a couple months ago. I’m in Corral 6 (I optimistically put 1:49 as my finish time, but I highly doubt that’s gonna happen!). Good luck tomorrow!


    Thank you for the new mantra. I’ll be using it often. Have a meaningful day tomorrow. Whatever happens, know that you are awesome.

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