Adventure Run

Two weeks ago I did something I had wanted to do for a while: I ran home from work. The most direct route from my office to my house is about seven miles, but that route goes along busy streets and is pretty ugly. So I decided to take the scenic route, running along the waterfront, through Magnolia and Discovery Park, and finishing by going over the Ballard Locks and through my neighborhood. It was a little over 11 miles with hills, but it was a beautiful run and well worth the extra distance and effort.

It took a little while to get used to running with my iPhone in my pocket (for the first few miles I was convinced my shorts were going to fall off, which would have been bad since I was going commando and no one wants to see my pasty white butt), but overall it was a fun way to experience my beautiful city. AND I didn’t have to ride the stupid bus home — major perk!

My run started on the beautiful Seattle waterfront.

My run started along the beautiful Seattle waterfront.

After four miles, I found myself at the base of the Magnolia bridge, so I decided to be young and cool by taking some “selfies.” Turns out there’s a reason I don’t normally do this. Yuck!

Four miles into my run. I was not exactly feeling it but trying to stay positive (and goofy).

p.s. close-ups while running = not flattering. Shocker, I know.

After running three miles through the pristine Magnolia neighborhood, I found myself in Discovery Park. I don’t run through Discovery Park often enough; it truly is a gem in the city (and it’s only two miles from my house!).

Discovery Park SeattleDiscovery Park SeattleDiscovery Park SeattleI was disappointed that my phone died before I got to the Ballard Locks so I don’t have any pictures, but I guess that’s an excuse for Adventure Run Part 2!


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