Pre Eugene Marathon: It’s Go Time. Almost.

I’m resting in my hotel bed — nervous and anxious — and obsessively updating my running playlist. Yep, it’s the day before a marathon. Adding to my normal pre-race anxiety, my body has felt out of whack all week as I’ve recovered from that stupid bug. I felt defeated for most of the week, positive that my body was failing me when I needed it most. I busted my butt for 18 weeks, and I was angry that those 18 weeks could be for nothing. But I’m feeling much better now and seem (fingers crossed!) to be back to normal, and I’m hopeful tomorrow will be a good day. I just need to trust in my training and do the very best I can tomorrow. Hopefully my very best starts with a 3.

John, Dad and I made the trek to Eugene on Friday. This morning we went to the expo and picked up our race bibs and shirts.

Got my bib!

Got my bib!

Dad signing the Boston banner.

Dad signing the Boston banner.

This is the first time I’ve traveled to a marathon two days before the race, and it’s much more relaxing than traveling the day before. Poor John is pretty bored though.


After picking up our bibs, we drove the first 16 miles of the race. There are a few small hills, but it’s mostly flat with a lot of long straightaways. Should be a good course to go for a PR!

Speaking of PRs, I only have one time-based goal: Finish sub 4. My other goals are to run a smart race, thank the volunteers and spectators, and take in the experience of finishing on Hayward Field. I’ve visualized myself finishing on Hayward Field dozens of times, and tomorrow I finally get to do it!

Less than 16 hours! Now back to perfecting my running playlist…


5 thoughts on “Pre Eugene Marathon: It’s Go Time. Almost.

  1. I can’t wait to hear how it went! I ran the half today at Eugene and thought it was an awesome race! Great organization, great course, great weather for fast running. Hope you met your goals!

    • Thanks, Steph! I agree – it is an awesome race and a great course for a PR. Unfortunately things started unraveling around mile 20, and I ended up shuffling/walking the last 10k. I finished in 4:07:29, which is a good time for me but not quite what I wanted. Oh well, I’ll definitely be back next year! How did your race go?

  2. Can’t wait to read the race re-cap! This was my first marathon and my goal was sub 5 hr…finished is 4:51:12-success…I can’t wait to come back next year and shoot for a 4:30! 🙂 Seattle RNR is next.

  3. Marissa, congratulations on finishing your first marathon and making your time goal! That’s awesome! Are you running the Seattle RNR half or full? I’m running the half, so maybe I’ll see you out there!

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