Dizzy Daze and Training Updates

Tomorrow is the Dizzy Daze. And despite how absurd and ridiculous the race is (running endless laps around Greenlake for up to 12 hours), I’m actually pretty excited! To add to my excitement, I received an email from the race director with race instructions/reminders and details about the one thing I care about: the food schedule.

    • 7:30-10:30 Pancakes
    • 11:00-until the stove goes cold: Grilled Cheese sandwiches, Soup: Chicken vegetable noodle or Roasted Tomato
    • Noonish: Pizza (round 1)
    • 6:00-ish: Pizza (round 2)
    • 8:00: Pints at Saint Andrew’s Pub for anyone left standing

Pancakes + grilled cheese + pizza? That’s a happy Megan right there. My goal is to run seven laps (a little over 22 miles), which should take me until about noon when the pizza arrives. Perfect timing. After my run, John and I are taste-testing cupcakes for our wedding. It is going to be a GOOD day.

For the first time in weeks, I’m genuinely excited about running. Last week was a little rocky as I was coming off five days of not running because I was sick. But I got five runs in and a total of 43 miles (more details are coming, I promise!), and I got my much-needed mojo back.

So far this week has been even better. Running is good. Life is good. And I’m kinda obsessed with my compression socks (I wear them every day and keep buying new colors) and the color pink.


Happy Friday!


4 thoughts on “Dizzy Daze and Training Updates

  1. Looking good in those compression socks! Have a great run around (and around, and around…) Green Lake. You’re setting the training bar pretty high for your poor old Dad.

  2. I agree with your dad!! You’re looking pretty smokin’ in those pink compression socks!!–and pink shirt to match!

    Have a great run and enjoy all the yummy sounding food, especially the cupcakes!

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