Getting My Mojo Back

I’ve sat down several times and tried to write this post, but I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to say or how I wanted to say it. It’s much easier to talk about successes and PRs – sickness, injury and headwind are not very fun topics.

During my run last night, I decided that I would share with you some numbers that explain how training has gone the last two weeks.

1 – Number of times I ran last week. My one run was awesome; I did 4 mile repeats, and I did them faster than I’ve done mile repeats this entire training cycle. After my workout, I was pooped but totally optimistic about the rest of training.

5 Number of days I didn’t run in a row (last Thursday-this Monday). After the aforementioned awesome speed session, I woke up the next morning and felt like I had been hit by a truck. And not in a “I kicked ass in my speed session the night before” kind of way. My body ached, and I was so exhausted. I tried to cross train that evening but only made it 17 minutes on the elliptical before I called it quits and laid on the mat and felt sorry for myself.

The virus/bug wiped me out for a few days. It started out with body aches/chills, and then progressed to nausea/loss of appetite, and then as the final stage, let’s just say I spent a lot of time in the bathroom on Saturday. TMI?

6 – Number of seconds by which I PR’d in the Honeywagon Half Marathon on March 2. The weather forecast was correct, and it was a windy day in the farmlands.

While I was hoping to be closer to 1:50 or 1:51, I fought hard for that six-second PR. I spent most of the race thinking there was no way I could PR, so  I was pretty pleased when I first crossed the finish line with a six-second PR. The fact that I PR’d despite the strong headwind proves that I am faster and fitter.

But as the day progressed, I became more and more unhappy with my time. My general rule is that you can’t complain about a PR; yet, I felt strangely dissatisfied. I felt cheated by the wind. Had it not been windy, my time would have likely been closer to 1:151. I know it’s dumb to say “cheated by the wind” because wind is out of my control, and I’m not going to get perfect weather on every run. But it pissed me off!

7 – Number of laps I hope/plan to run in the Dizzy Daze next Saturday, March 23. What’s the Dizzy Daze, you say? It’s a 12-hour race that lets you run as many laps around Greenlake outer loop as you can/want. I debated whether I wanted to do this race. On one hand, it’s a waste of money since I can run around Greenlake for free anytime I want. But I decided it would be good for my spirit to surround myself with fellow runners who are even more foolish than I am. I’m in a funk, and I hope running a bunch of laps with other crazy endurance athletes will pull me out.

44 – Number of days until Eugene. You know what’s insane? I’m already in “taper crazies” freak out mode, even though I’m still a month away from taper. I’m already stressing about the runs I missed due to illness, injury and laziness. I feel defeated and worn out.

I think part of the problem is that I set myself up for failure by setting such a lofty goal of 3:45. Just because I PR’d in Vancouver by 18 minutes doesn’t mean I’ll PR by 18 minutes again. 18 minute PRs are rare, and it’s naive to think that I can get an 18-minute PR every year (although that would be nice).

While 3:45 may be unrealistic, I have faith sub 4 is going to happen. I can see it in my mind, and I know I’m capable of it. But rather than gunning for a 3:45, I’m going to shoot for 3:55, and I’m going to be ecstatic with my time as long as it starts with a 3. With only six weeks left until Eugene, I am focused on having fun, working hard and getting my mojo back!


One thought on “Getting My Mojo Back

  1. Impressive, Megan. You are my hero. I hope I can keep pace with you and your tenacious spirit in Eugene. Ultimately, however, if we each keep pace with our own truth, it does not matter who runs the fastest. You cannot express The Truth in minutes and seconds. Just to be immersed in the river of runners, running, is a miraculous victory. Still, it sure would be sweet to cross that finish line at Hayward Field (under 4:00!) with you crying at my side….

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