Eugene Marathon Training: Week 5

Week 5 was a bit of a doozy. I was tired all week and felt like a hot mess.

Tuesday evening I hit the treadmill for my speed intervals. Within a few minutes, I knew it wasn’t happening. I cut my run way short and woke up early Wednesday morning to run before work. It was dark and the track was creepy, but I got my speed intervals done and hit up yoga that evening. In hindsight, I think this is where my week unraveled. Speed intervals + yoga 12 hours later + yoga 10 hours later = tired Megan with dead legs. I completely skipped my tempo run on Thursday. I was lazy, my legs were beat and running 8 miles sounded awful, so I sat on the couch, playing on Pinterest and fleshing out wedding ideas.

I took a complete rest day on Friday and couldn’t stop dwelling on my missed run. Everything started spiraling out of control in my head. I kept thinking about my perfectly crafted training schedule and that one missed run would certainly wreak havoc on the rest of my training plan. Suddenly 8 missed miles turned into 50, which quickly turned into 100, which then escalated into a crappy marathon. RIP sub 4 hour marathon.

Needless to say, my mind was a toxic place.

I woke up on Saturday and didn’t feel like running 15 miles. I slowly got ready and was 30-60 minutes behind schedule (folding my clothes and tidying the house = way more important than a LR). I checked my email before heading out, and Dad had sent me his Tennis Club’s monthly newsletter. He was the member of the month and had been interviewed for the feature story. The story talked a lot about Dad’s running, and it was fun to see our story written out (read the full article here).

It made me a smile, but more importantly, it reminded me why I do this. Why I continue to sign up for races and put myself through these training cycles, during which I’m ravenously hungry, have no social life, and have stupidly sore legs. It’s because it makes me feel alive, happy and proud. It’s because that no matter how much I sometimes dread my training runs, I love this sport and how it feels to cross the finish line after working my ass off for four months to prepare for that one race.

My legs were tight and the weather was crappy (rainy, cold and windy), but I made it through 15 miles and 7 miles the following day. And I stopped stressing about 8 missed miles.

Here’s how the rest of the week looked:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 1.4 miles + 15 minutes elliptical
Wednesday: 1.75 mile warm up (15:55) + 10×400 (7:06, 7:19, 7:10, 7:14, 7:45, 6:57, 7:00, 7:09, 7:00, 6:41) with 1-2 minute rest between sets. 2.1 mile cool down (19:42) – 7 total miles. + 75 minutes yoga
Thursday: 1 hour yoga
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 15 miles – 2:29:48 (9:49 pace)
Sunday: 7 easy miles – 1:13:49 (10:33 pace)

Totals: 30.4 miles + 2.25 hours yoga


One thought on “Eugene Marathon Training: Week 5

  1. A “perfectly crafted training schedule” is like a map. (You remember maps?) The map is not the territory. A map can help you get to your destination; but it cannot point out every hill, every busy intersection, every rain puddle that might soak your shoe, every bump or crack in the sidewalk that might trip you; a map can’t tell you when it is going to be pouring rain and freezing cold; a map can’t predict when you might have a bad day at work, when you might feel like “a hot mess.” No, a map won’t move you anywhere–and a “perfectly crafted training schedule” won’t do the dreaded long run for you, won’t suck it up and finish the tough tempo run or that last speed session. With all our hopes and intentions and schedules and outlandish goals, we stand at the START line–then the gun goes off and we take that first stride and all of a sudden we are RUNNING and making it all up as we go, swallowed whole by a mysterious rolling miracle more meaningful than anything we could ever plan for.
    Keep making your “perfectly crafted training schedules.” But move from day to day, run to run, with the same relaxed grace that you feel as you shift from one pose to the next in the Yoga studio. If you run a surprisingly fast Speed Session, or if you disappear and skip a key Tempo Run … you’re right where you’re supposed to be. Then put your running shoes on and get up off the couch …
    Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

    Mr. Not-so-Speedy Pants

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