Eugene Marathon Training: Week 3

OK, now that I talked about what I want to do in 10 months, it’s time to talk about what I’m doing now. Living in the moment is something I’m working on, both in running and in life. My goal this cycle is to take it one week at a time, one run at a time.

Other than missing my yoga class on Wednesday, week 3 was a success. Here’s a quick recap:

Monday: 1 hour medium difficulty yoga
Tuesday: 1 hour yoga + speed session. 2 mile warm up + 6×800 (7:30 pace) with two minute rest between sets. 1.1 mile cool down for 7 miles total.
Wednesday: Unplanned rest day. I arrived at my yoga studio too late and missed class. šŸ˜¦
Thursday: 9.6 miles – untimed. I got the dreaded low battery message as soon as I turned my Garmin on, so I ran this one naked. Felt pretty good.
Friday: 1 hour yoga
Saturday: 13 miles (2:13:34) – 10:16 avg pace.
Sunday: 6 recovery miles (1:04:59) – 10:50 avg pace.

Total: 35.6 miles + 3 hours of yoga

It was so cold this weekend, but so so beautiful. For my long run, I ran from my house to Ballard Locks to Discovery ParkĀ to Golden GardensĀ and then home.Ā The sun was shining, the sky was perfectly clear, and everything was delicately frosted. I felt so lucky to be out runningĀ on such a beautiful winter day. The first half was a struggle (hills and two bathroom stops), but the second half was much easier, as I transitioned to the flat bike/running path to Golden Gardens and was able to zone out. I made it back to our house and still had a mile to do, so I finished by running a few laps at the Ballard High School track.

After running, John’s parents came over and helped us paint our master and guest bedroom. I’m so happy we no longer have a baby blue bedroom!


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