Let’s talk for a minute about putting limits on what you think you can and cannot achieve. When I first started running, my big goal was to finish a half marathon under two hours and finish my first marathon. I thought that was a stretch and didn’t think I was capable of much more. In March 2011, I finished my first sub two hour half marathon and have since finished many more under that two hour barrier.

After finishing my first sub 2-hour half marathon.

After finishing my first sub 2-hour half marathon.

Through my own accomplishments and reading other runners’ success stories, I have learned that so much more is possible. I’ve started believing in myself and stopped putting dumb limits on what I think I’m capable of. When I registered for Eugene, I didn’t put 3:59 as my estimated finish time; I put 3:45. I don’t just want a sub 4 hour marathon; I want a sub 4 AND an 18-minute PR. Greedy, yes, but it’s what I want and I think I’m capable of it.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to achieve after Eugene and how I want the second half of 2013 to look. Yes, I know I should focus on Eugene, but I’m a Type A obsessive planner and like to have a plan for the entire year. My big goal is to run the 2015 or 2016 Boston Marathon, which means I need to start making BQ attempts in 2014. With this in mind, I’m focusing the second half of 2013 on getting faster and PR’ing in shorter distances, specifically the half marathon. But which half marathon?

I didn’t run the 2012 Seattle Half, and spectating instead of running made me a little sad. It felt weird to stand on the sidelines and rattle my cowbell. I’m a runner, not a spectator (although, it was fun to support my friends).  So with the incentive of a $10 off discount code, I registered for the Seattle Half in December and entered this as my goal finish time:

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 12.06.42 PM1:45 on Seattle’s hilly course scares the crap out of me, and it seems ridiculous since my current PR on this course is 2:03. But if I want a BQ in 2014, I need to be able to run these kinds of paces. Even if those hills in the second half of the course kill me and I fall a little short of this goal, I’ll still be closer to getting that BQ and the right to wear the coveted Boston Marathon jacket. I really want that jacket — it occupies my thoughts during most of my runs. Seriously, once I earn this beauty, I may never take it off.

Oh how I want you....

Oh how I want you….

Now that I have the comfort of a plan for the second half of 2013, I’m 100% focused on achieving my goals for the first half of the year. Eugene is my big A+++ race of the year, and I’m fully committed to this training cycle. I’ll post my Week 3 Training Recap soon!


2 thoughts on “Limitless

  1. You really are killing me, Megan. That is one SWEET JACKET. And I DO BELIEVE we will run Boston together; and the jackets will be an extravagance we can wear to acknowledge our efforts and our ridiculous faith in the possiblility of the impossible. One run at a time….

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