Eugene Marathon Training: Week Two

I’m really happy I made the decision to DNS the Lake Samish Half Marathon. My legs were tired last week and my runs were tough. However, without a half marathon looming overhead, I accepted that my legs were tired and did the best I could with each of my runs, and I’m overall pleased with how the week turned out.

On New Year’s Day, Christina, Keli and I ran the Resolution Run 5k, or as we fondly call it “Lost in the Swamp Part 2.” Last year, I wasn’t paying attention when parking and ended up parking pretty far from the start. We got lost in the park while trying to find the start, which caused us to start the race over 20 minutes late. This year we learned from our mistakes and actually started the race on time.

My goal was to finish around 25 minutes, but my legs were not feeling it. My legs were heavy and my pace was nowhere near where I wanted, but that’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes. It was a tough race, and I counted it as my tempo run for the week.

Here’s how my week looked:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 3.4 mile warm up + 5k – 3.14 miles in 26:43. 6.54 miles total
Wednesday: 1 hour power yoga
Thursday: 1 hour yoga + speed intervals. 2 mile warm up + 4×1,200 (7:47 pace) with three-minute rest between sets + cool down for 7 total miles. I must have eaten too much fiber for lunch that day, because I had some BAD GI issues on this run. Very uncomfortable.
Friday: Easy elliptical for 30 minutes + stretching
Saturday: 12 miles in 2:00:10 (10:01 pace)
Sunday: Easy 6 miles in 1:03:37 (10:36 pace)

Totals: 31.54 miles and two hours of yoga

As I’m in the beginning stages of training and have high hopes for this training cycle, I’ve been thinking a lot about consistency. Consistency is so critical and is something I’ve struggled with in the past. I trained hard for Vancouver, which helped me knock almost 18 minutes off my PR. But when I look at my training log, it’s obvious my training was inconsistent. Rather than building each week, I ran hard one week, then had a crappy week, then had a good week, then a bad week, etc. While I certainly became fitter and faster, I would have benefited from being more consistent.

Thus, consistency is my main priority this training cycle. I’ve developed a challenging but manageable training plan that builds from one week to the next. It follows a simple formula: build for three weeks, cut back one week, build for three weeks, cut back one week, etc.  I’m confident that if I’m consistent and stick with the plan, I will accomplish my goals on April 28 and see 3:xx on the clock when I cross the finish line. What a glorious sight it will be!


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