Back to Base: Week 1

After examining my progress on my off-season goals, it’s clear that I simply need to run more. Since I now have about four weeks until Eugene training begins, I’m focused on building up my base and hitting the pavement more often. Last week was my first structured week, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. For me, running often is pretty easy if I’m in the habit. If I fall out of my routine, I get L-A-Z-Y and reruns of Top Chef and Keeping Up With The Kardashians become more important than breaking a sweat. Last week was all about getting back in the habit of running and it was a success! I’m also getting more and more excited to start training for Eugene and finish marathon #5 with 3:xx on the clock. That is going to be a glorious sight!

Here’s how my week looked:

Monday: 1 hour yoga
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: “speed” session.1.5 mile warm up + 5×800 (8:04 pace — I’ve lost a lot of speed) + 2×200 (6:57, 6:53 pace) + 1 mile cool down – 6 miles total
Thursday: 1 hour yoga + easy 3 mile recovery (32 minutes)
Friday: 1 hour “boot camp” yoga. Friday classes with Ginger are more like boot camp than yoga. Don’t get me wrong, I love Friday classes, but they aren’t your typical power yoga classes. This class was particularly hard — we held our poses for a really long time. Like a seriously long time.
Saturday: 10 miles through my new neighborhood – 1:45. My breathing was off and I walked quite a bit, but it was overall an enjoyable run.
Sunday: 6 miles recovery (62 minutes). I took it easy and felt great. My legs weren’t all that sore and my breathing felt comfortable. It was a very encouraging run, and I’m glad I pushed myself out the door.

Total: 25 miles + 3 hours yoga


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