Plans For My Off Season

I haven’t even run Portland yet and I’m already planning for my time between Portland and Eugene training. So typical. I suck at living in the moment and am always thinking about the future.

Last year I had an awesome off season between Portland and training for Vancouver. This positive off-season translated into a great training cycle and an 18-minute PR, way-too-close-to-sub-4-hour-marathon in Vancouver.  I’m going to approach this off season with a similar laid-back but semi-focused attitude. Here is what I’m going to focus on:

1. Running just to run. I’m challenging myself in the month of November to run every single day. It won’t matter how far or how slow — just that I run a minimum of one mile every day. And if I make it the entire month, I will reward myself with a pair of Lululemon running tights.

2. Speed sessions. These won’t be balls to the wall or super structured, but I would like to do some weekly speed sessions to start improving my speed.

3. Hills! I’ve spent the last two years avoiding hills, but lately I’ve been wanting to tackle them. I may do some hill repeats, but I generally want to include more hills in my running routes.

4. Lose a few pounds. I always gain weight in the summer and lose it in the winter. Kinda annoying, but it happens every year, and I’ve gained about seven pounds since Vancouver (and no, it’s not muscle weight). I’d like to lose at least five of those pounds before I start training for Eugene.

5. Maintain some level of endurance — I’d like to do some periodic weekend runs of 10-13 miles so transitioning to marathon training in January isn’t a total shock.

6. Have fun and get excited for Eugene 2013. This is my #1 goal. I entered this training cycle in a physically and mentally bad place, and it has negatively impacted the entire cycle.

7. No racing! One of my goals this year was to run one race every month. After Portland, I will have run 17 races this year. So while I won’t technically meet my goal (I’ll miss November and December), I’ve run plenty of races this year. My plan is to wait until the Honeywagon Half Marathon in March, and I want a very large PR at this race.

8. Lots of yoga!

We’re heading to California this weekend to celebrate my Grandpa’s 80th birthday! I’m looking forward to spending time with my family and beating John at ping pong. 🙂 Dad and I are going for one last 20-mile run while we’re in California and then it’s taper time!


2 thoughts on “Plans For My Off Season

  1. Sounds like you’ve got a good plan!! Enjoy the journey—this is your life, live it free and joyfully.
    Love to you,

  2. Megan:

    Why do we run?
    Why do we do this to ourselves?
    What does “Boston” symbolize?
    Portland is upon us. And so are all the fears, the doubts. This is stupid. I’m not ready. I’m fat. I’m slow. Etc, etc. Willy-nilly, it is time to run; the gun is pointed to the sky.
    Qualifying for the Boston Marathon is a ridiculously ambitious goal. Realistically, we both know that it won’t happen this week-end in Portland. And probably it won’t happen in Eugene in 2013. But if we ever experience the realization of the dream that “Boston” symbolizes, Portland and Eugene and Vancouver and countless training runs and good meals and Yoga and inspirational readings and epiphanies and disillusionments and failures and hallelujahs–all of this, and much, much more, will be what brought us to the peak of the mountain.
    You are not the only one who is afraid. There are thousands of runners signed up for Portland who are also questioning the wisdom of that decision. And there are millions more who lack the audacity to even start the race. So what do we do? We’re afraid. We know we aren’t ready to break any records. It sometimes seems stupid and pointless. Yet here we are. What is our Plan?
    Your “Plans for My Off Season” contain a good race strategy for Portland 2012:

    –Living in the moment
    –Run just to run
    –Have fun and BE EXCITED

    If we do that, no matter what our finishing time is, we will be winners; and Portland 2012 will be a stepping stone to everything the word “Boston” symbolizes. As a matter of personal preference, I suggest that we do this run together. Father and daughter. Runners. Holy fools. Maybe you will pull me along; maybe I will pull you along; maybe that great river or runners will pull us along together. Once again, I am afraid, I am nervous, and I am eager to see what happens next in this, the Story of our Lives.

    Your Running Partner

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