Chilling Out and Letting Go

John’s mom, Christine, left a comment on my last post that said, “Set your goal and then let go.” I’m great at setting goals, but the letting go part? Not so much. I have a lot of Type A tendencies, and I like everything to be organized and planned out. I get stressed out when I go out of town for the weekend, because that means the laundry isn’t done and my meal plan for the week isn’t made. I like to be in control of certain situations, which is why I’m not a fan of letting go.

If I’m being honest with myself and my eight loyal readers, I am burned out and unmotivated. I am clearly not super woman or an elite athlete. I’ve approached my training based on what I’ve seen work for other people. I’ve attempted high mileage and morning running, because that’s what everyone else does.

But I’ve learned that doesn’t work for me. At least it doesn’t work for me right now. I’ve had aches and pains that I’ve never had before (early signs of shin splints — yuck!), and I’ve dreaded my morning runs. Running has become a chore, an item on my precious to-do list. Running is a hobby that should bring joy and satisfaction to my life — it shouldn’t be on par with folding laundry or going to the grocery store.

So what now?

Portland is in 6.5 weeks, and I’m still really excited to run it. It’s an awesome race, and I’m sure that no matter how I approach the race that I will have a great experience. I’ve set the goal of breaking 4 hours (and who knows — it still could happen), but I’m done stressing over it. I’m letting go of my attachment to that arbitrary goal, and I’m focusing on running and living with joy and happiness.

I’m going to work hard for the next 6.5 weeks, but I doubt I will closely follow my training plan. I will still focus on my three quality runs (speed, tempo and long), and I will do lots of yoga and cross training at the gym.

This Saturday I’m running another 10k with Christina and then taking a yoga class with my girlfriends at the Olympic Sculpture Park. Regardless to what my time is (I’m considering running sans watch, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to get that crazy yet), running + yoga with my friends is going to make for a glorious, joyful Saturday morning.


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