Morning Run Fail

This morning I woke up at 5:30 am, got ready, and drove to the track. After parking, I realized that the gate to the track was closed. I walked down to the track and saw this annoying sign.

Closed until December 1?? Apparently SPU doesn’t realize that I have a marathon in less than eight weeks. Ugh. So I drove a few blocks up to the dirt track at Queen Anne Bowl. Man, that track sucks; its lumpy dirt paled in comparison to SPU’s smooth rubbery track. I was not enjoying it, so I called it quits after three laps and decided to head home. I had hopes of resuming my run, but instead I laid on the couch for an hour before getting ready for work.

Another failed morning run. Seems to be a trend.

Instead of fighting it, let’s face the facts: I suck at morning running. Not only is my fail rate higher, but I generally have worse runs in the morning. It’s hard to focus on my tempo pace when I’m yawning and wanting to crawl back into bed.

Another issue with morning running is that it frees up my evening. This means we eat an early dinner, watch TV, and I usually snack on something. Lately my snack of choice is bread pudding with ice cream. And wine. And anything else I find in my cupboards. When I run in the evening, I eat a later dinner and snack less. In addition to getting a better workout, evening running is better for my waistline.

Unless it’s absolutely necessary to run in the morning, I am going back to running in the evening. It’s warm in Seattle this week (80s-90s), but it’s supposed to cool down next week. I’ll go back to my schedule of yoga in the morning and running in the evening. If it’s too hot outside, I’ll run inside on a treadmill. Tonight I did 10×400 and 1×800 on the treadmill, and I got a way better workout than I would have at the lumpy dirt track.


2 thoughts on “Morning Run Fail

  1. Bread pudding????? That’s one of my favorite memories from my early childhood. I haven’t had it in forever and it sounds soooooooooooooooooooo good!!!

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