Happy Runiversary

I had meant to post this last month during my actual runiversary, but it’s better late than never!

Two years ago I made a random but life-changing goal: to run a marathon.

I made this goal as a way to stay motivated to keep up with my exercise regime. I was bored of the gym. And, at 25 years old, I was a little bored and complacent with life. I had been in the “real world” for a couple years and was disillusioned with the whole being a grownup and paying the bills thing. I needed something that was mine and kept me inspired.

So I started running. I could barely run three miles, but I kept at it. Six months after making my big goal, I crossed the finish line of the Seattle Half in 2:03. Six months after that, I finished my first marathon in 4:21.

I’ve learned a lot about myself in the last two years, and I am no longer bored, complacent or disillusioned. Running has changed who I am and how I view myself. My weekends are now dictated by when I’ll do my long run, not when I’ll meet up with my friends at the bar.

Before marathon running, I only viewed exercise in terms of burning calories to maintain my weight. No wonder I was bored. While I still think about the calories I burn (mostly because that means I get to eat more!), that is not the reason I run. Running has made me a stronger, more confident and happier person, and it is helping me become the best version of myself. Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “Happy Runiversary

  1. I agree with Christine. I can never admire you enough. You are an awesome person.
    It has been my privilege to share the journey of the past two years with you. I have witnessed your transformation. It is good to know that you see it, too. Indeed, we have been changed by this crazy quest for the White Whale. Thank you for awakening the old dream. I thought I could walk away from it. But no–we run into who we yearn to be.
    A few questions to ponder:
    Was the goal of running a marathon really a “random” one?
    What does it mean to be disillusioned? And what does it mean to be inspired? Is there some connection between the two?
    The best version of your self–do you think she is hiding or playing hard-to-get? Or is she smiling in the mirror as you prepare yourself for one more day in the life of Megan Mary Knox?
    Sometimes I experience the “best” of myself and the “worst” of myself all in the course of a single run. It helps to know that there is some purpose to our striving. These words from the book by John Douillard, Body, Mind and Sport, are helpful to me:
    “The real challenge is not on the top of the mountain or the finish line of a race, it is within. To harness the potential of the mind and body to win any race or accomplish any goal while remaining inwardly calm, silent, and composed, to be restfully alert while running a marathon, climbing a mountain, putting for par, or even while in the deepest sleep, is the goal not only of the athlete but of humanity itself.”
    Happy running!

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