Cougar Mountain 8 Mile Race and Weekend Recap

I took Dad to the Mariners game on Friday night to celebrate Father’s Day. The game sucked, but it was nice to get some dad-daughter time and, of course, talk running.

Mariners Game

As usual, Dad brought his glove. Too bad no foul balls came even remotely close to our seats.

Mariners may stink, but at least we have a nice stadium!

The next morning, Christina and I ran the Cougar Mountain 8 mile trail race. They were the slowest, most amazing 8 miles of my life! Seriously, trail running is so awesome and humbling.

We got there and immediately realized we were out of our league. These runners looked serious. There were no absurd costumes like you see in the fun runs — these were real runners. We spotted only one other person who had headphones and the rest were sans music.

The race started and we found our way to the back of the pack. I had woken up with a stuffy nose and congested chest, so my breathing was more labored, but my legs felt good.

There was an aid station at mile 3 with delicious loot — m&ms, fig newtons, pretzels and energy gel. I happily ate a fig newton and decided that trail races are awesome. Who wants a slimy GU when you can have a delicious fig newton?

I got in a groove around mile 4. We walked up the biggish hills and ran when we could, navigating logs, rocks, weird bridges and roots.

By mile 6, all I could think was, Oh my gosh, I love trail running! And then I slipped on a root and twisted my ankle. Ouch. We had to stop for a few minutes and pull over to the side of the trail to let people pass us. It really hurt, and I was worried that I had sprained my ankle. Thankfully the pain subsided after several minutes of rest and we resumed running.

We finished in 1:43:xx, which is my slowest 8-mile run ever. We were greeted at the finish line with big cheers from everyone who had already finished and more delicious food — pizza, watermelon, more fig newtons and cookies, chips and pretzels! Seriously, trail runners know how to eat. I could get used to this type of post-race food!

Speaking of food, later that evening we went to our friend Leslie’s house to celebrate her birthday with Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving in June — what a glorious idea!

Thanksgiving in June

Results aren’t posted yet, but I’m pretty confident Christina and I were very close to last place. And I’m OK with that. I ran 8 super slow miles without expectation and pressure. It brought me back to the pureness of running and pumped me up for Skagit Flats training, which starts today!


One thought on “Cougar Mountain 8 Mile Race and Weekend Recap

  1. Way to go, Megan. Trail running is indeed awesome. Headphones are not used on the trails so that one can hear if a mountain lion is approaching … and just to hear the wind in the trees and be a small part of something big and beautiful. I am happy to see you experiencing it all.

    Mr. Not-so-Speedy-Pants

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