Running is all about perspective. What’s fast to me is slow to others. What’s slow to me is fast to others. There is a whole spectrum  of runners with different natural abilities, experience, etc., so it’s important to never compare yourself to others.

With that said, I Googled “bad marathon recovery” yesterday and came across a post in which a lady wrote, “I’m a slow female runner –about a 18:xx 5k.” I wanted to virtually punch that lady in the face. Slow?? On what planet is that considered slow? I was happy to see that people commented and told her she’s an idiot. (That’s a bit harsh, but how can you be that delusional?).

For whatever reason I decided to look through some old blog posts and came across one from last March when I was training for my first marathon. I marked that I had done a tempo run, with 1 mile warm up, 5 miles at 9:20 and 1 mile at 10.

I laughed a little to myself and realized how much I’ve grown as a runner. I would never consider a 9:20 pace a tempo run anymore. In fact, that’s slower than my marathon pace. But at one time 9:20 was a tempo pace.

Reading this made me feel better about this recovery and my upcoming training cycle. Even though I’m not currently where I want to be, I’ve come a long way in the last year.

I’m running my first trail race tomorrow morning — the Cougar Mountain 8 mile. I love running on trails and don’t get to very often, so I’m excited to run 8 dirty miles tomorrow!


One thought on “Perspective


    Great post, Megan. I have learned so much by witnessing you in your quest to become a better runner–and a better human being. Your observations have focused my own perspective on what I seek to achieve in my life. PRs are great; and Boston is a worthwhile goal. But ultimately what matters is that we begin to see and to accept who we are. In Recovery circles there is a cliche that everyone hates because it is true: “You are right where you are supposed to be.” Usually you hear this when it feels like your life is falling apart; you are in the trough of the wave; you have Hit Bottom; you feel like a failure; it is hopeless. There are no short-cuts around these moments. There is only and always the daily training. Brief moments of success and glory. Followed always by long periods of doubt and fear and fragile recovery. It is The Way of the Runner.
    Yes, you have grown as a runner. Yes, you have come a long way in the last year. The next twelve weeks of training will be cruel and unforgiving and blessed by the Running Gods. If and when you doubt yourself, let me offer my perspective on your efforts: Boston (and all that it symbolizes) is right now and forever in your field of vision and in your rear-view mirror. Your arrow is aimed at the bull’s-eye. You are right where you are supposed to be. Whether you are running 10-minute miles or 7-minute miles, you are a runner–if you are running! And you are my daughter, so you are always loved just the way you are.
    So run, run, run like the wind. Run your own race. And know that I am always running at your side, or twenty feet ahead, or five minutes behind, or cheering you on as a spectator. Together, we grow in our perspicaciousness. (Words, like marathons, are symbols; they are worthy of our efforts, and they can reward us with a limitless expansion of our perspective.)
    Good luck and happy trails!
    Your Biggest Fan.

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