Sassy Fit Dropout

I am a Sassy Fit Dropout.

I decided to quit during what was supposed to be a 10-mile run but ended up being a 6-mile run/walk. My legs felt like concrete and my breathing was heavy. It was incredibly hard and reminded me of my early running days. I thought about why my running has been so brutal lately (it’s five weeks post marathon — I should be recovered by now), and the only thing I could think of is Sassy Fit. I thought Sassy Fit would be a great way to strengthen my upper body, but we do way too many lunges, squats, etc., and my running legs don’t like it.

It takes me 3-4 days to recover from Sassy Fit, which is adversely affecting my running. If I had more time and wasn’t about to start training, I would probably continue with Sassy Fit and my body would eventually get used to the workouts and it wouldn’t take so long to recover.

But time is not on my side. I’m running my next marathon in a little over 12 weeks, and I need to stick with what I know my body likes and can handle: running + yoga. With a 12-week training cycle, there isn’t much time to experiment or lollygag. I have 12 weeks of hard training ahead of me, and I need to focus on running and getting faster.

So, I’m sorry Sassy Fit, this is the end of our relationship. For now anyway.

Physically, I think the first few weeks of training may be a little rocky, but I’m going to stick with my plan (I revised it a little based on my current fitness). I’m viewing Skagit Flats as a now or never attempt for my sub 4. If I don’t nail it on September 9, I have to wait eight long, agonizing months for redemption at the 2013 Eugene Marathon.

I’m mentally preparing for a degree of struggle while I ramp back up in my training, so I found this quote from the Oiselle website very fitting:

“I ran and ran every day, and I acquired this sense of determination, a sense of spirit that I would never, never give up, no matter what else happened. The triumph cannot be had without the struggle.” -Wilma Rudolph

I’m going to remind myself of this quote over and over again this training cycle. Sub 4 will take a lot of hard work, but I know I’m mentally and physically capable of it. And I can only imagine how triumphant it will feel to reach that goal.

Happy Thursday!


3 thoughts on “Sassy Fit Dropout

  1. I love how to listen to and respect your body AND your inner, intuitive “knowing” of what is best for it. Your body will reward you!!

    • There should have been the word “you” in my first comment after the word “how”—–I love how YOU listen to………You are awesome!

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