How To Go From Marathoner To Lazy Blob In Five Weeks

I’m sure I’ve exercised a lot more in the last five weeks than the average American, but I’ve been pretty lazy according to my standards.

Without a training schedule, I find it hard to be motivated and the couch seems pretty delightful. And, thanks to an endless supply of excuses, my eating habits are out of control. It’s my engagement party, so I should of course have a cupcake. Or maybe two. Oh, it’s a friend’s birthday? I definitely should have that piece of cake. And, my personal favorite, I’m too lazy to work out, so I definitely need to stuff pop chips and ice cream in my face like there ain’t no tomorrow.

Seriously. Lazy blob.

Thankfully, marathon training starts next week, and I’m excited to start a new cycle. I’m a process-oriented person and thrive in a structured environment. Without structure, all hell breaks loose. I love plans. I need plans. So, in one week, it all starts over again.

This lazy blob is going to literally hit the ground running. I’m mentally bracing for a physical revolt (aka my legs are gonna tell me how much they miss the couch), but I will push through because I want that dang sub 4. Since I hadn’t planned on being this lazy during my recovery, I’m modifying the first few weeks of my training. I need to be realistic and acknowledge that I have lost some fitness in my lazy blob stage.

My body is going to be quite cranky for the first few weeks. I can’t wait.


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