Weekend Adventures in Vegas

I took a break from real life and went on a weekend trip with six of my best girlfriends from college. It was so fun to see everyone! We laid by the pool, stuffed our faces with meat at the Brazilian steakhouse, laughed at and with each other, and had an awesome time!

Before Cirque Du Soleil

At Cirque Du Soleil (we were upgraded to the third row!)

Super creepy snail at the end of the show.

Going out on our last night.

It was so fun, but I was happy to come home to the Seattle cold on Monday. I missed John and was exhausted from our shenanigans.

Skagit Flats training starts in less than two weeks. As I dragged my tired butt to work on Tuesday, I realized that I’m mentally ready to take on another training cycle. I miss track sessions and hard tempo runs. I miss pushing myself and seeing improvements. Tonight I realized that I’m physically ready to take on another training cycle when I had my first legitimately good run since Vancouver. I saw 7s and 8s on my Garmin – man I missed seeing those paces!

The last few weeks have been fun and I’ve enjoyed having more free time, but I feel lazy and unmotivated. I’m ready to take on 12 weeks of hard training. I learned in my last training cycle that hard, smart work can yield pretty awesome results (18 minute PR!), and I’m ready to do it all over again. Skagit Flats, bring it!


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