No More Stressball

I just got back from my first semi pleasant post-marathon run. My legs felt like bricks from my Sassy Fit class yesterday, but my breathing was controlled. I didn’t wear a watch, and I didn’t give myself a hard time when I wanted to walk. I ran without judgement, without expectation, and without thinking I “should” be running at a certain pace. It was glorious.

In non-running news, I will admit that I’ve been a total stressball since John and I got engaged.

Should we have a real wedding? No, let’s just do family only. Well, it would be nice to have a few friends. Screw it, let’s just go to the courthouse and get it over with. No, I want a wedding. Maybe we should have a destination wedding? No, let’s get married somewhere in Bellingham.

Oh. My. God. I think I’ve changed my mind a hundred times in the last month. I’m an indecisive person in general, but this is a bit much.

Thankfully, my co-worker Jon snapped me back to reality when he told me, “Megan, stop stressing. Just enjoy being engaged.” Interesting suggestion and even more interesting if you know Jon. Jon is a total stressball; he drinks 4+ venti americanos a day (each with four shots) and paces at his desk. He’s totally wired and has a stressful job dealing with clients. And he’s telling ME to calm down.

Hmmm, so I gave it some thought and decided to take it one step at a time. First step? I did my first wedding related thing and made an appointment to have our engagement pictures taken. I was really proud of myself for taking this first step!

Second step? John’s family threw us an engagement party last weekend.

Dad and I losing at Pea in the Hole

John’s brother, Matt, giving a hilarious toast

As a result of this step, we decided on a bunch of other things, including venue (John’s sister’s gorgeous backyard), date (August 10, 2013), and color (teal/turquoise). I also came to the conclusion that this is John and my wedding, so it should represent the things that we love and enjoy. It’s a celebration of our love and commitment to each other, and the wedding should be a reflection of that.

Now that we have a general plan and everyone seems to be on board with our desire for a low-cost, low-stress wedding, I feel relaxed and EXCITED for the big day. So long stressball Megan, hello amazeballs Megan!


3 thoughts on “No More Stressball

  1. Haha I’ve never heard it called “pea in a hole”! We call it cornhole in Ohio, and our friends here in CA call it “bags”. Whatever it’s called, it’s fun, that cupcake tower looks amazing, and it sounds like your wedding is coming together very nicely! Try not to get too caught up in all the little details – while they’re somewhat important, the biggest part is making sure your wedding is about YOU TWO (like you said). I let napkin colors and hydrangea vs peony and bridesmaid sash colors rule my life and it was STUPID. Nobody cared about those things, they cared about us being happy.

  2. Yes, Pea in the Hole (or whatever the name is) is a lot of fun! And thanks for the advice. I let myself get overwhelmed by what I thought people expected from me and I lost sight of what’s really important. But thankfully I’m over that and I’m trying to enjoy the process!

    Good luck this weekend – hope you get your BQ! Reading your and Emily’s Eugene recaps totally inspired me to run Eugene next year and make my first attempt at Boston!

  3. Your co-worker’s advice was perfect! Enjoy this time! I also like what Sarah said about stressing over things that absolutely NO ONE else is going to care about at all. We will all be there to celebrate the love you and John have created together and found in one another and the other things are just incidentals. There’s not a right or wrong way to do this—just your and John’s way!!! We love and support the two of you no matter what.
    The engagement party was so much fun. Thanks for giving us something to celebrate!!

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