Recent Happenings

It has been a busy, exhausting week. Here’s a quick recap:

I turned the big 2-7 last weekend. I’m creeping closer to 30 – time to research Botox options! (Or maybe just night cream for now.) It was a fun day – I took my first Sassy Fit class, went on my first post-marathon run, got a mani/pedi, wandered through Pike Place Market, went to a Sounder’s game with John, and hung out with friends! It was a sunny, perfect day. I’m a lucky lady!

Sassy Fit:
I started taking Sassy Fit classes, a boot camp designed by and for women. I’ve been wanting to try a boot camp type class for a few months, and I recently snagged a deal on Amazon Offers ($50 for 15 classes). Close to home and women only. I was sold. Seriously. Dudes at gyms creep me out.

I learned two things on my first day: my upper body is WEAK, and box jumps are no joke.

I like Sassy Fit, but I have some serious misgivings about this picture on its website. Real women athletes do NOT work out in heels. This annoys me almost as much as women who wear their hair down while running or working out. Wait, the women in the picture ALSO have their hair down. ugh. I guess no one is perfect…

Oh, and this happened:

Marathon #4 is happening September 9. Dad has no desire to run it (he said that signing up for it would feel like having a guillotine hanging over his head, or something like that), which means this will be my first solo marathon. Since Dad won’t be racing it, he can hop in around mile 18 and run those last 8 brutal miles with me. He’ll have fresh legs and a positive attitude to reel me in for my first sub 4. More thoughts regarding this race later. I have LOTS of thoughts about this race.


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