It’s Taper Time!

After a very busy weekend and my last 20 miler, I have entered taper! I have mixed feelings about taper…it’s nice to have extra time, but I of course spend that time stressing out about whether I’m ready or not. Rather than freaking out, I’m going to remind myself that I’ve worked harder than I’ve ever worked and I’m more prepared than I’ve ever been. I’ve taken training seriously this cycle and I’m ready to break 4 hours.

Friday night I went to happy hour with my co-workers and came home to make four dozen cupcakes for my nephew’s birthday party. 48 cupcakes and six pounds of frosting later, our kitchen was a disaster and coated in powdered sugar.

Our very messy kitchen.

I cleaned up, packed and went to bed around 11 p.m. 6 a.m. came very early Saturday morning, but I was out the door at 6:30 and headed to Bellingham. Saturday was baby Ryder’s first birthday party and our last 20 mile run, so I had to get there early to get our run done before the party.  I, of course, stole some baby Ryder snuggles before embarking on our last 20 miler.

Future marathoner!

I hadn’t spent time with Ryder since our half marathon in March, so it was fun to see how much he’s learned and grown! I miss that little guy so much.

Dad and I did our usual 20 mile route with the goal of hitting as many miles as possible at or around marathon pace. We didn’t totally accomplish this goal because the route has a lot of hills, but we kept a good pace on the flat parts.

One encouraging part of the run was that our fastest mile was our 19th. I checked our mile splits for this run and compared them to the run we did four weeks prior on the same route, and we were faster on every mile except one.

Also, I should note that Dad redeemed himself on this run. There wasn’t a whole lot of chatter going on (the run definitely had a serious tone), but there was no whining. In fact, Dad had about a 20 foot lead for much of the second half of the run. He was a completely different runner than he was two weeks ago. And that runner is a whole lot more fun to run with!!

After the run, it was time for baby Ryder’s birthday party! I was on cupcake duty, frosting and assembling, but then got to relax and enjoy being with my family, baby Ryder and John.

Cupcake Tower

Ryder wasn't sure about the cake.

I did an easy 3 mile run on Sunday to round out an awesome week of training. Now it’s time to rest, recover and get mentally ready to cross the finish line at 3:59:59 on May 6!



2 thoughts on “It’s Taper Time!

  1. Love the pictures of Ryder!!!—soooo cute!! Your cupcakes look delicious which i’m sure they were!
    Enjoy this rest and recovery time before the big race. You’ll do more than just fine!

  2. It isn’t easy being “Dad.” Each run is a new run. Sometimes I run well. Sometimes I struggle. I don’t know if I am “redeemed.” But I do know that RUNNING challenges and transforms me. Twenty feet ahead of you; twenty feet behind you and whining like a baby–it’s the same guy, the same Dad discovering himself yet again.
    We are ready!

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