I’m Baaaaack!!!

Last week (week 13) was a major bust. I had planned to run 40 miles, but I only ran 10. I was sick Wednesday-Sunday with the flu and then allergies, so much of my training plan went un-run. I ran a decent 8 mile tempo run on Tuesday, which was the only good run of the week.

I woke up feeling exceptionally crappy on Friday and called in sick. I rested all day and watched hours of Food Network. I also took a funny picture of Bella.

Bella sitting like a true lady.

I tried running on Saturday, but only made it two miles. My allergies were terrible – my eyes were burning, I had a sinus headache, and I just felt like poo. I felt defeated and frustrated that I was losing valuable training time.

By Monday I was feeling much better and ready to run. I drove to Greenlake to do two “easy” laps at marathon pace. Since I hadn’t run hard in six days, my legs were rested and ready to party. My pace naturally dropped below goal marathon pace, but I spent the first half mile pulling back and debating what to do. After about a half mile, I decided to go with it and do my tempo run (which was 4 miles at 10k pace).

Once I dropped my pace even further, I could tell that I wasn’t totally recovered from my sickness. My lungs were burning and my saliva was a lot thicker than normal (too much information?), making it hard to swallow. But I didn’t care. After not running for six days, it felt so good to be outside doing the thing I love. My tempo paces were: 8:37, 8:05, 8:07, 8:00. Aside from the first mile where I was warming up and undecided about my pace, I was faster than my 10k pace. Definitely a good feeling after a crappy week of no running.

Tuesday I did an “easy” 4.4 mile recover run. I ran the first half pretty slow (9:37 average) but then decided to run the second half at marathon pace or faster (8:50 average). Running marathon-paced miles on tired legs is good practice for the big day.

I took a rest day on Wednesday to go to the Mariner’s game with John and my friends. The stadium was so empty and was a record low attendance for Safeco field. Also, apparently Ichiro hit a home run? Definitely missed that…. I obviously LOVE baseball and am really good at paying attention.

Thursday I hit the track for seven half mile repeats. My legs felt pretty good, but it was a challenging run. I “warmed up” with 15 minutes at 8:35 min/mile pace. Not gonna lie, but I love that my legs have naturally been falling into 8:30 pace the last few runs. Pulling back to 9 min/mile (marathon pace) is such a good feeling, even if it is only for a few miles. I did my half mile repeats at 7:15-7:30 pace with 2 minute rests. This was mentally a tough workout – I really wanted to quit after three repeats, but I pushed through and finished my intervals and cooled down with one mile at 9:05 minute mile for 7 total miles.

Tomorrow I’m heading to Bellingham to run 20 miles with Dad in the morning before Ryder’s first birthday party. Can’t believe the little guy is already turning one!!

And….drum roll please….I have decided on my marathon outfit! It’s option #4. Pardon my awkwardness in this photo, but neon pink makes me giddy and happy, and John should have no problem spotting me in this. Only 15 days until Vancouver!

Marathon Outfit!


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