Marathon Clothes and Getting Sick

John has had the flu for the last few days, and I’ve been praying that I don’t catch it. I’ve been eating and taking lots of vitamin C, drinking my normal insane amount of water, and trying to get more rest. I have a very resilient immune system and haven’t had the flu in 10-15 years, so I’ve been hopeful I won’t catch it. That is, until I woke up this morning and my body was aching and sore (and not in the way it normally is after a hard workout).

I’m choosing to believe that my body hurts because yesterday I ran 8 hard tempo miles and did an hour of yoga. But, as a precaution, I stopped by Bartell Drugs on my way to work this morning to pick up Emergen-C, Odwalla and Pop Chips. Yep, BBQ Pop Chips are a critical part of my “don’t get sick” plan. Those delicious chips can pretty much cure anything.

I’m also obsessing over what to wear at the marathon. I’ve been stalking and went to the store on Sunday to try out a few options. Nothing seemed to fit right and I didn’t buy anything. The horror! I tried Jock N Jill and Road Runner’s, and that was even worse.

I tried this outfit out during my 8-mile tempo run. At first I felt a little skanky running in a tank top (it’s only April!), but it was pretty warm and humid, so it ended up being a good choice. The tank rode up a little, but it was overall comfortable and I felt good in it.

Option #1

Option #2

I also bought a Swiftly Racerback (Option #2). The fabric is better than option #1, but it’s also a little looser and less flattering. I haven’t tried it out on a run, but it feels really comfortable. Decisions, decisions. I still have 24 days to figure it out, but I’m a bit of a psycho girl when it comes to these details. In the meantime, I can’t get sick. I’ve worked too hard to get sick now. Fingers crossed I wake up tomorrow and feel like my normal self!


5 thoughts on “Marathon Clothes and Getting Sick

  1. You look FAST and BEAUTIFUL in both outfits.
    And I am sick. I blame John.
    No matter which outfit you choose; no matter whether you get sick or not; we are going to be fine–and oh so speedy.

  2. Yes, I am sick. I am taking it as a message from the Universe: Relax. Sleep in. Eat well. Drink lots of fluids. Trust the Big Picture. Rest is Training. Visualize gliding across the finish line, smiles on our faces. I’ve encounterred a Yield sign but I am still on the road to Boston. We are never really in charge. The Dream dreams us. In sickness and in doubt, have faith. Then run!

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