Week 12 Recap: My First 50-Mile Week

One of my goals for this training cycle was to hit a 50-mile week. And this week I finally did it! I incorporated two easy runs (8 miles and 6.4 miles) to supplement my key hard runs. My legs felt a little lethargic during my tempo and speed runs, but they felt great during my long run. It’s hard to believe that Vancouver is only 26 days away!

I’m cautiously confident that May 6 is going to be an awesome day. But no matter what happens, I have no regrets about this training cycle. Unlike Portland, I’ve given this training everything I have. I’ve diligently followed the plan and hit my key runs. I still have more training and one more very key run (my last 20-miler), but I feel really good about my training and CANNOT wait to toe the line at the Vancouver Marathon.

Monday: Easy 8 miles – 1:21
Tuesday: 1 hour yoga + speed session
12x 400 – 7.5 miles total
Wednesday: Rest/stretching
Thursday: 1 hour Yoga + Tempo 8.1 miles with 5 miles at tempo pace (8:43, 8:25, 8:50, 8:40, 8:18)
My legs were  flat on this run, and my right hamstring was especially tight. I didn’t run it as fast as I originally wanted, but it was the best I could do that day.
Friday: 1 hour yoga
Saturday: 20 miles – 3:33
Spring has finally arrived in Seattle! It was a gorgeous, perfect day for a run. Dad came to Seattle so we could do this run together. We started in Discovery Park, then headed out along Magnolia, down to the waterfront, and back to Discovery Park for another loop. Dad made the mistake of playing tennis the day before, so his legs weren’t as fresh as mine. We ran the first 10 miles without any issues. We ran several miles at goal marathon pace (9 min/mile), which really boosted my confidence. My legs felt strong and my breathing was easy. Mile 10-15 were pretty good, but Dad started getting tired and realized tennis the day before was a bad idea. Miles 15-20 were whine-fest! Dad was REALLY regretting his choice of playing tennis the day before.

For me, this run was a confidence booster. It was much easier than the 20-miler we ran two weeks ago, and I actually enjoyed the run. It was a beautiful day, the scenery was beautiful, my legs felt good, and Dad and I had some good talks. After the run, we took showers and watched the NCAA Regional Gymnastics meet at UW. The top two teams qualified for nationals, so it was fun to reminisce about my old gymnastics days and watch some talented gymnasts.

Sunday: Easy 6.4 – 1:05

Total: 50!!


3 thoughts on “Week 12 Recap: My First 50-Mile Week

  1. I’m not gonna lie: Dad was dying out there! How many times does a fellow have to learn and relearn the same lesson? RESPECT THE LONG RUN! I won’t make the same mistake next time.
    You were impressive out there, strong and confident. Your hard training shows. You have really found a line worthy of toeing. Bravo!
    Did I mention how tired I got out there?

  2. Oh it was impressive.
    Did I mention how steep the hils were? How strong the wind was? Why do the long runs have to be so LONG? And why does it all have to be so HARD?
    Hooyah, Instructor Megan!

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