March Recap (Weeks 8-11)

Apparently blogging has not been a priority this month, but running has. This was a solid month of training, which I kicked off with a PR at the Honeywagon Half Marathon. I had some other PRs including my highest weekly mileage ever. I ran 40 miles in week 8 and 45 in week 10. These aren’t earth-shattering high mileage figures, but they’re high for me. I also ran my fastest mile ever (7:14) when running mile repeats this last week.

I also hit a mileage low for this training cycle: 12.7. While it looks pitiful, I only missed one key run (my long one), and I had planned to miss this run. John and I went to the Oregon Coast to celebrate our 4-year anniversary, which took priority over marathon training. Instead of running, I drank wine and stuffed my face with salt water taffy. It was a good weekend and well worth missing a key run.

At the Tillamook Cheese Factory

John with his new friend

Cannon Beach

I was freaking out a little at the beginning of the month and doubt was creeping in. I wasn’t seeing enough progress and was worried that I wasn’t working hard enough. But after a few awesome and fast training runs, I feel like everything is falling into place. My body is adapting and getting stronger, and I’m optimistic about breaking four hours on May 6. It’s an ambitious goal, but I’m confident that it’s in the realm of possibility.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the last four weeks:

Week 8:

Monday: 1 hour yoga
Tuesday: 1 hour yoga + speed. 3 x 1,600 (7:53, 7:47, 7:41) – 6 miles total
Wednesday: 1 hour spin class
Thursday: 10 mile “tempo” run in 1:34
Friday: 1 hour yoga
Saturday: 19 miles in 3:21
This was a physically and mentally challenging run. My legs were tired by mile 7, which was depressing since I had another 12 miles to go. I chugged along through hills and wind, and finished without freaking out or tapping in to my Inner B. However, my legs instantly seized up as soon as my run was over. It felt like I had just run a marathon – my legs were so painfully tight. I tried walking around the parking lot while drinking my protein shake, but it seriously hurt and walking didn’t help. I ended up getting in my car, screaming in pain while driving home, and immediately hopping into the bath tub full of freezing cold water. I drank hot chocolate with whipped cream (thanks, John!) while freezing and whining in the tub for 10 minutes. I followed up with 15 minutes in a warm Epsom salt bath, which was a lot more pleasant. I was totally wiped out after this run, but I think the cold bath and Epsom salts helped with my stiffness.
Sunday: Easy 5 miles

Total: 40 miles

Week 9

Monday: 1 hour yoga
Tuesday: 1 hour yoga +speed. 12 x 400 (11 at 7:24 and 1 at 7:03). 6 miles total.
Wednesday: Spin – 1 hour
Thursday: Easy elliptical for 30 minutes + stretching.
Friday: 6.43 miles in 56 minutes. Awesome tempo run! I was happy to be outside running, and I exceeded my pace goals. I felt strong and happy.
Saturday/Sunday: Rest/stuff my face with Tillamook cheese

Total: 12.4

Week 10:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Easy 4.4 miles (42 minutes)
Wednesday: 90 minutes yoga + 8.06 mile tempo run in 1:08. Felt awesome and strong!
Thursday: 1 hour yoga + speed session. My legs were sore from the tempo run, so I took it a little easy and tried to keep my pace under 8:30. 6 x 800 at paces: 7:52, 8:01, 8:07, 8:12, 8:10, 8:09. 6 miles total.
Friday: 1 hour yoga
Saturday: 20 miles (3:28). I went to Bellingham to run this with Dad. My legs were obviously tired from my tempo and speed runs, but it was a solid and fun run.
Sunday: Easy 6.54 miles (1:06)

Total: 45

Week 11:

Monday: 1 hour yoga
Tuesday: 1 hour yoga + easy 2.5 miles
Wednesday: Speed session: 4 x 1,6oo (7:26, 7:33, 7:37, 7:14). Fastest mile ever!!! Felt strong and happy to be running (even though the weather sucked). 7 miles total.
Thursday: 1 hour yoga + 8 miles tempo (1:11:13). I surprised myself on this run. I wasn’t sure how my legs would feel considering I had run hard the day before. They were obviously tired, but they managed to maintain pace (8:54) throughout the entire run. This was a huge confidence-boosting run.
Friday: 1 hour yoga
Saturday: 15 miles in 2:21:21 (9:25 overall pace). This was a fun long run. I met a friend at mile 8 and we ran 4 miles together, which was a great way to break up the run. It was raining and a little cold, so I was proud of myself for staying positive and enjoying this training run.
Sunday: Rest

Total: 32.5

Monthly total: 147.03 miles


One thought on “March Recap (Weeks 8-11)

  1. Yes, our goal for Vancouver is ambitious. But it is in “the realm of possibility.” And Boston? I am beginning to see it as if it has already happened. One stride at a time–this is one great story being written through us. It is bigger than either one of us. I am becoming a better man because of this shared vision. Thank you for always reminding me of who I am meant to be.


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