Race Jitters: Honeywagon Half Marathon

I’m running the Honeywagon Half Marathon on Saturday and I am already getting nervous. My last two half marathons, the Seattle Half and the Lake Samish Half, were not so great, which makes me particularly anxious for this one. Third times the charm, right? I haven’t had a good half marathon since the Rock N Roll Half last June. I am due for a good race.

My jitters started Sunday night when I had a super weird dream about the race. I often have dreams/nightmares about races and upcoming work events. Everything goes terribly wrong in my dreams (ex: I had a dream I showed up to the Portland Marathon with only one shoe). This dream was no exception. First, I forgot to pick up my race bib. When the race started, I couldn’t reset my Garmin to start a new training session. Then, there were weird required activities during the course. The only activity I remember is that we had to stop running to make fresh pasta. Yes, fresh pasta. I’ve clearly been watching too much Top Chef. I had a really hard time with the pasta, which slowed me down and I had a terrible race.

Jitters aside, I am going to make some race goals. After this race, I will be halfway through my main training, so I’m hoping that I’ve made some progress in my speed and endurance. Here are my four tiers of goals:

A goal: Finish under 1:53. According to the Running Time’s Race Time equivalent calculator, a 1:52:30 should equate to a sub 4 hour marathon (3:59:05). I don’t know if this is a realistic goal, but it would be HUGE for my confidence.

B goal: Finish under 1:55. Considering I ran Lake Samish Half in 1:58:xx at the beginning of training when my legs felt like crap, I think this is a do-able goal. It would also be a PR by three minutes, so I would be exceptionally pleased by this time.

C goal: Finish under 1:58. I really want a PR. Enough said.

D goal: Finish under 2:24. I would cry if I got a personal worst. I ran a 2:24 half in college without much training, so I’m sure this won’t be an issue unless something goes TERRIBLY wrong.

I know that these time goals (aside from D) are very close together, which means there is less wiggle room for error. But since it’s a half and I’m more comfortable at the distance, I feel OK making these ambitious goals. At the end of the day, I just want a PR. If I fail at that, I will be disappointed. If I succeed (even if it’s just a few seconds), I will be happy. Fingers crossed the weather cooperates and my legs and mind bring their A game on Saturday.


3 thoughts on “Race Jitters: Honeywagon Half Marathon

  1. Megan:

    I ALWAYS get nervous before a race. I’ve come to accept it. This 1/2 is no exception. I haven’t had a good run all week. My right hamstring and lower back are tight. And I’m grieving my Mom’s condition. It will be a relief to just start running toward that honeywagon. What happens will be what happens. Then we will go celebrate Ceann’s birthday, eat a good meal, go home and go to sleep, wake up the next day and continue the adventure. Disaster or triumph–we will be fine.

    What is the sound of one shoe running?

  2. I’ll be cheering for the two of you!!! However you do, you’re awesome just for having given this your all!!

    Yea!! Go team Knox!!


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