Marathon Training Nutrition: Getting Back on the Health Bandwagon

Before training for a marathon, I thought marathoners could eat whatever they want and still have slender, hot bodies.

How wrong I was.

Marathon training makes you hungry, which makes you eat. And for whatever reason, it can make self control go out the window. I gained weight training for Vancouver and Portland, and it’s a big goal to maintain my weight this cycle.

It’s really challenging though because I am hungry all the time. I don’t know if it’s marathon training, hormones or just my inner fat kid, but my sweet tooth is out of control. I love candy, especially M&Ms or anything coated in chocolate.

I have a sissy digestive system, so I gave up gluten when I started this training cycle. I immediately felt more energized and my stomach felt better. I’ve done a good job avoiding gluten (for the most part), but Valentine’s Day was last week and I cheated quite a bit. But yesterday was my biggest cheat of all. My co-worker brought me this Chinese roll with meat on the inside. The meat was good, but the bread…it was fluffy, sweet and so insanely good. I was only going to have a bite (not trying it would have been rude!), but I ended up eating the whole thing.

It was delicious, but I had a horrible stomach ache that night and I felt uncomfortable and gross.

Because I am hungry all the time, I need to make the food I eat count. I need to eat clean, which means lean proteins, complex carbs and lots of fruits and veggies. If I do splurge on gluten, it needs to be something healthy, like whole grain bread. Not cookies, candy or doughy, buttery bread full of fatty meat.

I’ve fallen off the healthy food bandwagon in the last two weeks, but today I am re-committing myself. I need to eat right to properly fuel for runs and maintain my weight. I love candy, but my body needs more than just M&Ms to get me to the start line.


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