Week 5 Training Recap and Magnuson Series 15k

Week 4 was supposed to be a cutback week according to my training plan. Since I had the Magnuson Series 15k this Saturday, I decided to train hard last week and cut back this week so I would be rested for the race.

Not sure that was the smartest move.

My legs were really worn out this week from ramping up my mileage so quickly and I missed/failed my key workouts. My legs in general aren’t recovering very well from the extra miles and are often sore and fatigued during my mid-week key runs.

After giving it a lot of thought, I have decided to cut back my mileage going forward. 😦 I will run my three key runs (speed, tempo and long) and supplement them with spin class. Depending on how that goes, I may add one extra run a week. I’m going to pay better attention to my body and focus on recovering from each run.

Since my runs were so terrible, I went to an extra yoga class. I’ve been going to yoga three times a week for two and a half months now and I’m starting to see some positive changes in my body. I have little biceps sprouting. And shoulder muscles. And ab muscles. Six pack by Vancouver? Doubtful, but you never know!


Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 1 hour yoga+ pathetic tempo run (6.2 miles – 60 minutes)
Wednesday: 1 hour yoga + spin class
Thursday: 1 hour yoga + failed run. I made it about .7 mile before I headed home and made my second walk of shame. I was depressed every time a runner passed me.
Friday: 1 hour yoga – awesome class!
Saturday: Magnuson Series 15k (9.33 miles in 1:22:43)

My goal for this race was to run an average pace of 8:30 min/mile and finish under 1:20. I got to the race 20 minutes early and immediately noticed the strong wind. I really hate running in the wind. If I had to choose between running in the wind or the rain, I would choose rain every time. Unfortunately, you can’t make such bargains with mother nature. Mother nature can sure be a big b**ch sometimes.

Lake Washington - doesn't normally have this many waves!

I started running and wanted to quit within a mile. The race consisted of three loops, and I tried to rationalize that I could quit after the first loop and then try again tomorrow. Ugh. In addition to the wind, my legs didn’t feel great. Despite cutting back this week, my legs felt heavy and weak. So frustrating.

Unlike last month when I was focused and competitive, I was not mentally in this race. I eventually decided that my only goal was to finish and keep it under 9 minute miles. I was passed quite a few times, but I kept chugging along and really pushed hard to maintain pace when the wind was blowing against me. Seriously, 9 minute miles have never felt so hard. I finished almost 3 minutes short of my goal with an average pace of 8:52/mile. Not what I wanted, but it was the best I could do given my tired legs and bad weather. Fingers crossed the Honeywagon Half Marathon, which is in two weeks, goes a little more smoothly!

Sunday: Rest

Total: 15.5 miles


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