Vancouver Marathon: Week 3 and 4 Recap

Holy smokes, I’m super behind posting this. Unlike my Portland training cycle, it isn’t because training is going poorly or I’m not mentally in it. Quite the opposite actually. I am loving training this cycle. I am motivated and pumped up to tackle Vancouver in May. I think about running way too much. Even though I’ve been running for almost two years, I’m now in the honeymoon, lovey dovey phase. Maybe we should get a room…

With that being said, I had my first walk of shame last week. Even the greatest relationship isn’t always rainbows and butterflies.

Last Saturday, I set out to run 15 miles. From the beginning, I just wasn’t in it. My legs were sore from my run the day before and it felt hard despite my slow pace. I decided at 1.7 miles to call it a day and try again tomorrow. Could I have sucked it up and ran 15 miles? Absolutely. However, I don’t want my only goal for long runs to be “get it over with.” I had the luxury of a free Sunday, so I decided to get some rest and run the next day. I felt like an utter loser walking home after my pathetic 1.7 mile run. Totally shameful, but it was the right move. My run on Sunday was awesome, with an overall pace of 9:20 and 5 miles at marathon pace (9 min/mile) or faster.

Here are recaps from the last two weeks:

Week 3:

Monday: 1 hour yoga
Tuesday: Speed session: 4×800 (7:30 min/mile) and 2×800 (7:40 min/mile) – 5.5 miles total
Wednesday: 1 hour yoga + easy 3.2
Thursday: 1 hour yoga and 7 miles “tempo” – 1:05:44
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 13.1 – 2:04
Sunday: Easy 6.2

Total: 35 miles

Week 4:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 1 hour yoga and tempo run – 8 glorious miles with 3 miles sub 8:30 (8:26, 8:10 and 7:55)
Wednesday: Easy 6.2
Thursday: 1 hour yoga
Friday: 1 hour yoga and pseudo speed session (3.3 miles – 27 minutes). My goal was to run at a relatively fast pace and run one mile as fast as I could. I ran it in 7:28. My legs felt awesome, rested and strong.
Saturday: 3.4 miles of shame (yes, I’m counting the 1.7 mile walk home).
Sunday: 15 miles – 2:20

Total: 35.9 miles


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