New Year’s Resolution Run

I originally planned on racing this 5k solo since I didn’t think any of my friends would want to run a 5k on new year’s day. However, I recruited Christina and Keli to run it with me! Apparently we’re all getting old and no longer want to go out on new year’s eve.

We got to the race parking lot with about 15 minutes to spare. We parked and walked toward the start, but we weren’t paying attention and quickly got lost in Magnuson Park. After 25 minutes of climbing over logs, tramping through the swampy park and jumping over puddles, we finally made it to the registration area.

A race organizer told us we missed the start (duh!), but the beer garden was open. Tempting (nothing is more appetizing than beer at 10:30 am…), but we had a 5k to run! Christina and Keli picked up their bibs and timing chips (I registered earlier, so I had already picked up my race packet) and we made our way to the empty start line.

At this point, I decided to not even try for a PR. The day was comically disastrous and I wanted to just enjoy the run and the beautiful day (it was sunny and gorgeous – not typical January weather). We spotted the photographer shortly after starting, so I waved and shouted a big “wahoo!”

At the start of the race

We started catching up with walkers within a few minutes and then weaved our way through runners. Starting a race late can be good for your self esteem – we passed a lot of people during the race, and I only saw one person pass us. We finished in 27:05

End of race

It wasn’t a PR or a sub 25 minute race like I originally wanted. But it was a lot of fun and a great way to start the new year!


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