New Planner For a New Year

Don’t laugh, but when it comes to documenting my training, I prefer old fashioned pen and paper. Yes, I know that my phone/iPad has a handy dandy schedule that beeps and makes noises to remind me of appointments. But I get so much more satisfaction from scribbling it out on paper (similar to crossing items off a to-do list). As 2011 has come to an end, so does my first training journal. I started my training journal when I first decided to train for a marathon in June 2010. It has served my purposes well, but it’s time to say goodbye. I won’t actually throw it away; it is now safely tucked away in a desk drawer. There are a lot of memories contained in this journal – my first marathon, bad runs, new shoes, breakthroughs, PRs, etc.

Last week I strolled down to Bartell Drugs and picked up this beauty for only $2.99.

I’ve already started filling it up with upcoming races and long runs. I always had a planner in school and I just love them. They help me remember things, and I feel so accomplished when I cross off a big assignment or test. While training, it sure feels good to write “20 miles” or a new PR.

I’m normally not a big advocate for new year’s resolutions (who really sticks to them??). However, I think 2012 is going to be an amazing year, so I’m going to make a few running and non-running resolutions.

  • Read more – I love to read, but I don’t make time for it. My goal is to watch less crap TV and read more books.
  • Finish my technical writing certificate – I started taking technical writing classes at Bellevue College this summer, and it would be really nice to wrap this up by the end of 2012.
  • Finish a sub 4-hour marathon.
  • Run 1,500 miles – This is a pretty arbitrary (and perhaps unrealistic) goal, but the point is that I want to put in more miles this year.
  • Increase blog readership – It’s time to release this puppy out into the wild!
  • Learn to bake a cookie really well – I love to cook, but I’m not much of a baker. I want to learn how to bake ONE cookie recipe exceptionally well. Everything has to be perfect – the appearance, texture and taste.
  • Get a two pack – Core strength is a big priority moving into 2012. I’ve been regularly going to yoga for the last three weeks and my core is already so much stronger! I can only imagine how strong it will by the Vancouver Marathon if I keep at it.

2011 started out a little rocky, but it ended up being one of the best years of my life. I became an aunt to baby Ryder, who I love and adore.

Ryder's First Christmas

I traveled to beautiful places (these are all from our trip to Hawaii – it was so beautiful that I couldn’t pick just one picture!)

Tunnels Beach - Kauai

At the beginning of our hike along the Almalfi Coast

Almalfi Coast

Beach along our hike

I became a marathon runner.

2011 Vancouver Marathon

I spent time with friends and family.

Celebrating my grandpa's 79th bday

Girls' Trip to Lake Chelan

2011 was an exceptional year, and I feel so lucky and blessed for all the wonderful things in my life. I’m looking forward to the adventures and challenges that 2012 brings! Happy New Year!


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