Seattle Half 2011

I’ll sum up this race in one word: difficult. I thought I might be able to muster a sub 2-hour finish, but I finished in 2:05:29, which is about two minutes slower than last year. I’m a better runner than I was last year, but I wasn’t ready for those dang hills. Those hills killed me. And, unlike normal courses where you run up a hill and then get to run down the hill, this course makes you run up a hill, then run on flat, and then run up a hill. Over and over again. I never was able to get in a groove and my legs constantly felt like jello. Not a great feeling..

Lessons learned:

-I am not trained for hills. I need to either include more hills in my training or stick to flat races. I prefer flat races for obvious reasons, but it would be wise to include some hills in my training.
-I have gained speed and lost endurance since Portland. I need to run more long tempo runs before the Lake Samish half marathon in January.
-I wasn’t mentally in it. I knew that I likely wasn’t going to get a PR so I didn’t have the mental strength to push through the hard parts.
– I love crowd support! I’m not sure if it was because of the rain, but compared to Portland and Vancouver, the amount of cheering spectators was a bit disappointing. Although, I did give a cute little boy a high five as I ran by.

I was pretty cranky during and after the run. But now that I’ve had a little time to digest and process the experience, I am grateful for it. Sure, it was painful and I grimaced every time I saw an upcoming  hill (I’m looking forward to seeing the race pictures), but it made me physically and mentally stronger. It also has motivated me to train harder for the Lake Samish half on January 8, which is about six weeks away. I plan to take it easy this week to recover (my legs are very sore!) and then I’m pushing it for five weeks because I want to finish in under 1:55.


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