Greenlake Gobble 5k

I’m not sure why I sign up for 5ks – they are total misery. Sure, they’re short, but they’re completely painful, and I much prefer the pain of a marathon to the pain of a 5k.  However, one of my goals for this off-season is to work on my speed, so 5ks are actually (much to my despair) good training.

Today I ran the Greenlake Gobble and finished in 25:26, which is over a minute faster than Dawg Dash and a new PR but 26 seconds slower than my goal. If I had raced a little smarter, I think I could have finished in under 25 minutes. I started out way too fast — 7:30 min/mile – I should have eased into the run a bit more gradually. I was gassed and hating life within five minutes. My heart rate was uncomfortably high, so I had to take a short walk break around mile 2 and I slowed way down that last mile.

Even though I was 26 seconds short of my goal, the good news is that my legs are totally capable of running a sub 8 minute mile. In fact, to my legs it didn’t even feel like I was going that fast. However, my heart/lungs were a different story. I need to get my heart and lungs on the same page as my legs and I”ll be in great shape. 🙂

Sorry, no race pictures yet. But I did take a picture of the rolls I baked this Friday for my friend’s pre-Thanksgiving dinner. I’m pretty proud of these beauties (it was my first time baking any sort of bread product and I’m not much of a baker).

Homemade Crescent Rolls


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