Happy to be home

I recently came home from a work trip to Anaheim, which was my last trip of the year. And, as much as I love traveling, I cannot express how happy I am to not have ANY upcoming trips on the calendar. The last 2.5 months have been nuts, and I’m happy that I have time to relax, hang out at home, and tick off a few items on my to-do list.

I was in Anaheim to work, but we did sneak in a quick trip to Disneyland. It was my first time there since I was six years old. The drop on Splash Mountain didn’t seem as high as it did 20 years ago, but definitely just as awesome!

In front of the princess castle

Christmas Time in Disneyland!

I’m running a 5k this Sunday and the Seattle Half the following Sunday. To prepare for the Half, I ran 10 miles on Tuesday. This was my farthest run since the marathon and it was pretty brutal. My legs felt like bricks and obviously hadn’t recovered from my speed/circuit session on Sunday. It was a beautiful fall day and I’m glad I got it done (even if it felt labored and terrible).

My legs in general have felt pretty stiff. I’m doing pretty well in strength training, but I’ve been slacking on the yoga/stretching front. I took a yoga class last week for the first time in three weeks and I could barely touch my toes. As a former gymnast, this is unacceptable!

Blast From The Past - Senior Year Gymnastics

And my hips are incredibly tight and hurt during my 10-miler. My hips and legs felt the best this summer when I was taking morning yoga classes before work. As much as I hate waking up early, this is realistically the only time of the day that I have time for yoga. So, once I’m done with my current yoga package, I’m going to switch back to morning yoga. Waking up early sucks, but I’m willing to do it to help my running and prevent injuries.


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