Post Marathon Euphoria

I have been riding a post-marathon high this week, and I feel totally charged up and happy. The fact that I’m recovering really well adds to my euphoric state. I’m not sure why I’m recovering so much better than I have for any other race, but I’ve been able to mostly avoid the super awkward/painful stage where I hobble around, unable to walk like a normal human being. In fact, I ran for the first time yesterday and actually felt pretty good! I’m still going to take it easy for another week, and then I’m going to slowly ease into training for the Seattle Half.
I’ve recently become obsessed with inspirational running quotes, so here’s one I really like this week:

On hard runs, dad and I have joked about “getting off the mountain.” But it’s true that on any hard run or race that we aren’t conquering the distance or course, but we are conquering our own physical/mental state, pre-conceived limitations and doubts. I think that’s why I have fallen in love with long distance running – because it’s an endless personal challenge. I will never be complacent because I will always want to become faster, stronger, better. There will always be something to strive for.



One thought on “Post Marathon Euphoria

  1. Megan:

    What is euphoria, ecstasy, happiness?
    I too have been on a “high” since our adventure in Portland. For me at this point in my life, I understand this as a temporary realization of what is in reality a permanent condition–whole, complete, connected with all that is, infinite, eterenal; not merely the mountaineer but the mountain herself.
    And when the feeling of euphoria fades–as it always does, alas–that does not mean that the euphoria was not real; it just means that it is time to pick another mountain to climb, another race to run, another adventure to embrace, another dream to dream, another preconceived limitation to (THE WALL) to run right through.

    Love always,

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