Nine Days to Go – Happiness and Gratitude

Only nine days until Portland! It has been a weird, less than ideal training cycle, but I’m hopeful that Portland will be a positive experience.

Recap of last week:

Monday: 6 miles speed/tempo on treadmill
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 3 miles easy + cross training
Thursday: Yoga – 75 minutes
Friday: 8 miles
Saturday: Rest/travel to California
Sunday: 20 miles

Total: 37 miles

Like I’ve said, it hasn’t been ideal, but it certainly isn’t the end of the world. Portland is going to hurt, but it won’t defeat me.

On a non-running note, the last few weeks have made me really think about how incredibly fortunate I am. While my life is far from perfect, things are pretty good. At the beginning of this month, I traveled to a beautiful place (Kauai) with my wonderful boyfriend and his parents.

I spent last weekend celebrating my grandpa’s 79th birthday with my crazy but loving family.

Last night I poured wine at Kindness in Motion as part of my wine ambassador program. This weekend I’m celebrating my friend’s birthday with dinner and the Boys II Men concert, and I’m hanging out with my little sister. Next weekend I’m running a marathon with my dad. Thankfully, my schedule isn’t usually this busy or eventful. But I feel happy, fulfilled, and thankful that I have the opportunity to pursue my passions and that I have supportive friends and family whom I love.


One thought on “Nine Days to Go – Happiness and Gratitude

  1. Thanks for the pictures, Megan!! Your dad and grandpa sure look alike! Your grandpa looks like a healthy and happy “79”!! May he have many more!!

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