30 Day Challenge

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

The other day I was in the locker room and saw a lady get on the scale. I watched her as she stood there, waiting for the scale to tell if her if she is winning or losing in the game of weight loss. I could see the look of anxiety, disappointment and frustration in her face. I could empathize with her; while I wasn’t on the scale weighing myself (I only do that once a day – in the morning, stark naked, before I’ve had anything to eat or drink), I was looking in the mirror at my small muffin top creeping over my running shorts. I thought why must the elastic on these shorts be so tight? Ugh.

Just to be clear: I did not train for and run a marathon to lose weight. But, in the back of my mind, I thought that weight loss would be a natural byproduct of training. I thought I would lose a little flab around my midsection. I didn’t. I actually gained three pounds, and I don’t think that those three pounds are muscle. Sure, my legs are pretty toned and my cardiovascular health is awesome, but I have no upper body or core strength, and I feel flabby and weak. Over the course of my marathon training, I religiously completed my cardio, but completely neglected weights and strength training.

I am sick of being frustrated and self-conscious of my body.  I’m sure that John is sick of hearing me complain about being fat or seeing me pull up my shirt and point out all the fat on my stomach. So, instead of complaining (which is something I’ve gotten really good at), I’m going to make a change, because clearly what I’m doing now is not yielding the results that I want.

I’m “an all or nothing” kind of girl. Go big or go home. I’ve decided to attempt the 30-day hot yoga challenge. I have a Vegas trip planned in mid June, so I know I will miss those four days, but I have no excuses  for the remaining 26 days. I have a month before I start training for the Portland marathon, so I also need to make sure I run three times a week. Fitting everything in will be a challenge and will require sacrifices.  But I’m hoping that this challenge will tone up my core and arms and make me feel better about myself. I also hope that this will jump-start my focus on overall body strength and I hope to carry that focus into my next training cycle.


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