Week 15 (April 11-17)

Wow, this post is incredibly late! I kept hoping that I would have time to write a more interesting post, but this was just an uninspiring week. Sorry! It was the first week of my taper and my legs were still recovering from running three 20+ mile runs back-to-back weekends.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3 miles (28 minutes) + ab class

Wednesday: Spin class – 1 hour

Thursday: 6.2 miles (56:40)

Friday: Spin class – 1 hour
A guy in my class is a marathon runner (he qualified for Boston, but wasn’t able to run it because it filled up so quickly). He said that I should lay off spin class until after the marathon so I can totally rest my legs. Assuming I take the week following the marathon off from spin class, that means no spin for three weeks. 😦

Saturday: 10 miles (1:36)
This run was just OK – not bad, but not great. My legs were still sore from Sunday’s 21 mile run, but they didn’t feel terrible. I ran from my house, to the waterfront, to the Magnolia bridge and back.

Sunday: Rest
I had two gift cards to REI that I wanted to use to buy a new shirt to wear for the marathon. I ended up buying new Asics shorts and  tank top (they match and have pockets!) to wear for the marathon. I just hope that it isn’t too cold to wear my tank top. Is it dorky if I spray tan before the run? Being tan makes me feel better about myself, which may help me feel a little better when I’m dying at mile 23…

Total: 19.2 miles

Cross training: 2.5 hours


One thought on “Week 15 (April 11-17)

  1. Yes, it is dorky, very dorky. And yet, and yet … the Bag of Tricks a long-distance runner digs into is soulicious and deep as any blue hole. If it makes you feel good about yourself–bottom line, finish line–if it works, do it and do it and do it until it doesn’t work and then reach into the Bag of Tricks for something else. Repeat as necessary.
    Are we nervous and afraid yet?
    I hope so!


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