Week 13 (March 28 – April 3)

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 1 hour cross training
I started on the treadmill, but only lasted two minutes. My legs were still incredibly sore from Sunday’s adventure, so I decided to hit the elliptical for 20 minutes and go to George’s ab class.

Wednesday – Spin Class -1 hour

Thursday – 8 miles (1:14)
I’m on the hunt for the PERFECT marathon outfit. I’m not too concerned with finding a running top because those are easy to find, but I am a little obsessed with finding the perfect running shorts. I’ve had some bad experiences with running shorts; they often ride up in the middle and are too uncomfortable to wear during long runs. Earlier in the week, I went to Road Runner Sports to find some new shorts that have pockets and won’t ride up in the middle. I opted for the RRS Compression Shorts and RRS Pro Velocity 3″ Shorts. The Pro Velocity shorts are super short and flowy, so I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing them without compression shorts underneath.But together, they make a dang good combo! Here are photos from the front and the back.

Running shorts from the front

Running shorts from the back

Admittedly, the shorts don’t do a whole lot for my figure and my butt has certainly seen better days. But they meet my requirements, and I felt very comfortable throughout my 8 mile run. Unless I find something better in the next few weeks, I think that these are my marathon shorts!

Speaking of the 8 mile run, it was hard. My legs were still sore from Sunday’s 21 mile run, and I had calf pain for the first time in several weeks. I did the same 8 mile loop as I did last week, and it reminded me of a conversation my dad and I had during our epic 21 mile trot. Runners are obsessed with PRs and when we have routes that we run on a regular basis, we usually strive to improve our time. Unfortunately, it just isn’t possible to improve your time every run. Since I had just done this run a week ago, I kinda fell into this trap. When I reached my halfway point and was a minute behind last week’s run, I was a little discouraged. But then I thought back to this conversation and realized that I felt much better a week ago. I felt like crap in this run and it was obvious that my legs still hadn’t recovered from Sunday’s run. I felt much better once I acknowledged this and realized that it would be OK if the run took me a few extra minutes.

Friday – Spin Class 1 hour

Saturday – 21 miles (3:31)
I drove up to Bellingham to do this run with my dad. The weather was less than ideal as I drove to Bellingham – one minute it was sunny and the next minute it was pouring raining. By the time I reached Bellingham, the rain had mostly stopped and I thought we might luck out on weather once again.

We basically did the same run as our 19 mile run, except we started from my dad’s house (rather than Boulevard park) to add some extra distance. Neither one of us were too excited about the prospects of running for 3 and a half hours, but that’s all part of marathon training – forcing yourself to stick to the plan even when you don’t want to. So we set off on the run and I could tell that my body was still recovering from the previous run after about four miles. It was pretty discouraging that I was already tired when we had another 17 miles to run, but we kept moving forward.

My dad had stashed some snacks in the normal place around mile 9/10. I was a little disappointed that there weren’t any Oreo cookies, but it was awesome to have a banana and some candy. We continued down the path until we got to Larabee State Park and then turned around and started heading back. We ran back to our snack stop and finished the rest of our treats. Dad had packed an old-school power bar that was harder than a brick, but fuel is fuel, and I was grateful to eat something other than a GU.

We continued the trek home, and it became pretty obvious that dad was stronger than I was in this run. The tables totally turned – he wanted to run up the hills while I was pretty complacent to just walk.  I was just ready for the run to be over.

Despite not feeling all that great, it was a good run for our confidence. Our bodies were still recovering from the last 21 mile run; our legs were sore from the beginning, and we still managed to run 21 miles right around a 10 min/mile pace. I just have to remind myself that we have nearly three weeks to taper leading up to the marathon so our legs will be fresh and bouncy on race day, ready to run 26.2 grueling miles in four hours and 15 minutes.

Sunday: Rest

Total: 29 miles
Cross Training: 3 hours


One thought on “Week 13 (March 28 – April 3)

  1. Those running shorts look SO FAST!
    I’m thinking about getting a new pair of running shoes this Saturday. Maybe you could sneak out before the baby shower and help me pick a pair of magic sneakers. It’s important to feel strong and fast from one’s feet right up through one’s head. Also, I promised you a new pair of shoes. Gotta look good for the Big Dance. Bring your camera; it sounds like a bloggable event.

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