Week 12 (March 21-27) – Get me OFF the mountain!!

Monday: Spin Class – 1 hour

Tuesday: 6.2 miles (58 minutes)
I attempted to use RunKeeper and it failed once again. I had to reset the app after a quarter of a mile, and then at mile 1, the pace gauge told me I was running a 13 minute mile. I know that I’m not a fast runner, but I know that I don’t run a 13 minute mile. I gave up on the app after a mile; it was distracting and annoying. So I was stuck holding my iPhone for the rest of my run and it was really obnoxious. First of all, I have really small hands, so the iPhone is too wide for me to hold comfortably for long periods of time. Secondly, my mom called TWICE while I was running. Ugh. Not a good run – I missed my little iPod!

Wednesday: Spin Class – 1 hour

Thursday: 8 miles (1:12)
I didn’t feel like going on this run. I had stuff to do to get ready for my friend’s wedding and the beautiful spring day had turned into overcast and light rain. But I knew I would regret skipping it, so I forced myself off the comfy couch and left the house for the run. I’m glad that I did because this was the best run I’ve done in almost two weeks. When I first started my run, I ran past a man and a woman who were running in the opposite direction as I was. I usually make eye contact with runners, so I made eye contact with the guy as he ran by. He looked absolutely miserable – his face was a cross between extreme constipation and death. Seriously, I’ve never seen a face quite like it. After running by him, I chuckled a little and made a mental note to never make such a face.

Friday: REST

Saturday: REST/Slater Wedding
I was a bridesmaid in my good friend’s wedding!

John and I at Laura's wedding. Fun day!!


Sunday: 21 miles (3:57)
My dad came to Seattle so we could do the run together. We ran from my house, to the waterfront, to Magnolia, through Discovery Park and back. I had done part of the run during a 15 miler, but this was the first time I had ever run the entire route. I  picked this run because it’s so beautiful, but I totally underestimated the difficulty of the hills…

At mile 4, I pointed to the Magnolia Bridge in the distance and told dad that we have to run up the bridge in a few miles. It’s a pretty steep, intimidating bridge, so he wasn’t too pleased. We ran the bridge at mile 6, and that’s when the rolling, unending hills began. We ran along Magnolia Boulevard through a beautiful and pristine neighborhood. The views of the sound were gorgeous, and we paid a price for these views by running up many hills. I felt like we were either running up hill or on flat surface – no downhill (or so it felt). We ran/walked up the hills. I’m normally ambitious during my runs and try to walk as little as possible, but I did not have my ambitious spirit. If my dad wanted to walk, we walked. If I wanted to walk, we walked. We didn’t call each other sissies and we both shared the attitude that this was not a run to set time records; it was a run that we just needed to get done to build our endurance.

We ran to Discovery Park and then looped through the park and made our way home. At around mile 15/16, it started raining pretty hard and blowing wind. We ran by another runner and his face mirrored the same expression as ours. I could tell that he too was thinking What the heck am I doing out here? Don’t I realize that it’s cold and rainy and I should be at home where it’s warm and cozy? At this point in the run, dad and I joked about how while we were outside suffering, John was likely at home playing video games. We must be crazy to do this to ourselves.

The second half of the run was just an exercise in survival. We ran slowly and walked when we needed to (which was a lot!). We drew parallels between our run and climbing a mountain: we had reached the top, and now we were just trying to get off the dang mountain, one slow step at a time. This was by far our hardest training run, and I could feel it. I had aches and pains that I had never felt before. I was exhausted in a way that I never been before. I could see the wall, laughing at me. We didn’t “hit” the wall, but it was there and we were running right alongside it. At mile 19, dad said said something that I tried to laugh at, but I didn’t even have the energy to properly laugh. Being too mentally and physically tired to laugh is very weird.

With a little less than three miles to go, I told dad that we should run without walking for ten minutes. Ten minutes – that should be easy, right? Well, normally ten minutes is easy, but not at that point. After making this goal, we ran for what felt like a long time, but I looked down at my watch and realized that only three minutes had passed. Three minutes?!!? You have got to be kidding me! We only made it eight minutes, and it was a tough eight minutes. We ran/walked the rest of the way home. When I saw the sign for the Dexter and Hayes Bar, I was elated. I had never been so happy to see that bar in my entire life. We had made it. We were officially off the mountain.

Total: 35.2
Cross Training: 2 hours


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