Week 11 (March 14-20)

I’m not sure if it was Daylight Saving Time or if I was just really tired, but this was a rough week. Thankfully, my running plan had me following an easy, recovery schedule. I needed it!

Monday: REST

Tuesday: 3 miles (30 minutes) + 30 minutes cross training
I had planned to do a speed session, but about halfway through my first set, I realized that I didn’t have it. I was lethargic and running at an 8:30 min mile felt unbearably hard. I decided to be lazy and just finish the run at a slow, ten minute/mile jog.

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 5.6 miles (Greenlake 2x) 49:20 + 1 hour hot yoga
What a gorgeous day for a run! I ran the first loop around Greenlake in a little over 25 minutes and the second loop in 24 minutes. My average pace for the entire run was 8:50, which is great because my training plan only had me running three miles at 9:20 pace.

Friday: Spin Class – 1 hour

Saturday: 10.2 miles (1:40)
This run did not start out well. Since it was a shorter long run, I thought it would be fun to try out my running app, RunKeeper. I’m sure this is a great app to use, but I got pretty annoyed after a quarter of a mile. Part of the problem is that I normally run with my iPod, and I have a nice arm strap to hold my iPod. I don’t have anything like this for my iPhone, so I was holding my iPhone in my left hand and my running water bottle in my right hand. I felt off-balanced and just cluttered with crap. After running for about two minutes, I gave up on the whole thing. I stopped running and walked home to swap out my iPhone for my iPod. I’m a little bummed that RunKeeper didn’t work out because it tracks your pacing and distance via GPS, and it would be great to have this data. Maybe I’ll try it again on a shorter run when I don’t need to hold a water bottle.

After this debacle, I started my run again. I ran from my house, to the waterfront, to the Magnolia Bridge and back. It was absolutely gorgeous outside and the views of the water were spectacular, but I just wasn’t feeling it. My legs felt heavy and my hips were tight. Oh well, I’m hoping for a better run next week.

Sunday: Rest (I was supposed to go to hot yoga, but I was too lazy and tired. Story of the week…)

Total: 18.8 miles

Cross Training: 2.5 hours


2 thoughts on “Week 11 (March 14-20)

  1. Sounds like a whole lot of “excessive walking” to me. What a sissy you are! Ah, the ups and downs of the long-distance runner; we’ll be strong this weekend, you and I together.


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