You know you’re a long distance runner when…

1. The taste and texture of Energy GU no longer make you want to vomit.

2. You plan your weekends around when you can do your long run.

3. Cotton is the enemy.

4. You’re constantly hungry and constantly eating.

5. Carbs are your best friend.

6. Anything under 10 miles is considered a short run.

7. You go ballistic when the grocery store is out of bananas. True story – I almost cried when Fred Meyer was out of bananas last weekend.

8. You drink 800 gallons of water everyday. As a result, you go to the bathroom every 30 minutes.

9. Your body is constantly sore.

10. Chafing is a serious medical condition. And it happens far more often than you would like.

11. You always exceed the 30 minute limit on the treadmill.

12. The first few miles of a run are always the worst.

13. You’re actually excited for Daylight Saving Time.


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