Week 6 of Training (Feb 7 – Feb 13)

Monday: Spin Class – 1 hour

Tuesday: Speed Session on Treadmill
This was a tough run for me to get through (mentally and physically). In general, speed sessions are hard because they require you to change your pace every four minutes, so it’s hard to get in a groove.  Plus, my ear buds kept slipping out of my ears, and I had to readjust them every minute or two, which was incredibly annoying.

1 mile (1o min/mile)
4 x 800 (8:30 min/mile)
2 x 400 (8:30 min/mile)
2 x 800 (8:30 min/mile)
1 mile (9:40 min/mile)

Total: 6 miles

Wednesday: Spin Class – 1 Hour

Thursday: 6 Mile Tempo Run on Treadmill
This run was tremendously better than my speed session. I’m starting to see some improvements in my speed and endurance, which motivates me to work even harder to continue to see results. Toward the end of my run, I glanced over at a lady who was running on a treadmill a few rows down from me. She looked like she was running so slowly and effortlessly, but when I looked at her speed, I realized that we were running the same speed. But I did not look like I was running in slow mo – my short legs looked like they were hustling. One thing  I learned in gymnastics that applies to running is that you know you’re good at something when you can make a difficult skill look easy and effortless. I’m not quite there in my running, but I’m hopeful that some day a beginning runner will look at me on the treadmill and think, “wow, that lady looks like she’s just gliding along, not even breaking a sweat.”

1 mile (10 min/mile)
2 miles (9:30 min/mile)
2 miles (9 min/mile)
1 mile (9:30 min/mile)

Total: 6 miles

Friday: Spin Class – 1 hour

Saturday: REST/GMAT
I had planned to do my long run on Saturday, but the weather was really windy and rainy. Also, I was really tired and wiped out because I had taken the GMAT earlier in the morning, so I decided to postpone my run to Sunday and hope for better weather.

Sunday: 15 miles (2:28)
My strategy to wait until Sunday definitely paid off; the weather was absolutely beautiful and perfect for running. To spice things up, I decided to try out a new route, and I’m certainly glad that I did! I ran along the waterfront and throughout Magnolia. There were a few challenging hills (especially running up the Magnolia bridge), but they were totally worth it because the views were outstanding. This is  my new favorite run, and I could easily make it shorter or longer based on my needs. Can’t wait to take my dad on this route!

Total: 27 miles

Total Cross Training: 3 hours


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